History of Harris County Public Library, 1921-1939

Photographs from Harris County Archives Exhibit on Library History

If you stroll through the library this month, you will see old photographs and newspaper clippings related to the La Porte Branch Library and other Harris County libraries. The materials are provided by the Harris County Public Library Records, Harris County Archives. We are delighted to display this special collection of our history!

Where's Mr. Mark?

Display Case at La Porte Community Library with History of the Library MaterialsThis month our display case features articles and paraphernalia about the history of La Porte Community Library. Look closely and you will be able to find a picture of the former children’s librarian, Mr. Mark. This display about the history of La Porte library is in conjunction with another special display that my co-blogger will describe to you next week.


Test your knowledge of African American history with a collection of crossword puzzles. These fun and educational kits to go can be picked up at the Information Desk. Celebrate Black History Month with us and enjoy the puzzles.


Chinese studentWe had a very special visitor to the La Porte Community Library Wednesday. Her name is Dong Yushan and she is one of the students from China who are visiting La Porte for a week. This is part of an exchange program between LPISD and Yushan's school Nankai High School. Yushan is interested in becoming a librarian so she spent the afternoon with us learning what goes on in an American library. She asked many thoughtful questions and was particularly interested that all the library services are free. We truly enjoyed Yushan's visit and wish her well on her career path.

The Commons and the Public Library

This morning I turned on the radio and ‘Engines of Our Ingenuity’ was on National Public Radio (KUHF in Houston). In an episode entitled ‘The Commons Revisited’, the topic was about resources held in common and the very concept of “commons”. The first topic discussed was land held in common, but I listened carefully to hear if public libraries would be discussed. Of course they were…public libraries are built around the idea of sharing resources…of holding things in common.  

Together at Harris County Public Library we share books, movies, music, Internet accessibility, story times, and even places to hold meetings. By holding things “in common” we can do more.