It's time to start thinking about Halloween. To get you in the spirit Mr. D. and Ms. Mandy invite you to join them in decorating some spooky gliders. How creative can you get?? The fun begins Wednesday, October 12 at 3:15 pm.


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Fall Herb Gardening

Picture of Book Cover-'Homegrown Herbs' by Tammi HartungGrowing herbs can be fun for the whole family. The library has a number of books on herb gardening, a few of which are listed below. For an area program on herb gardening: the Seaside Garden Club in Seabrook is hosting a presentation given by Ginia Keene Mattern, Master Gardener, at Carother’s Coastal Gardens, 502 Pine Gully Road, Seabrook on October 19th at 12:30 pm. For questions call 281-474-4825. [Bay Area Observer, 29 September 2011: 8] 

Homegrown herbs: a complete guide to growing, using, and enjoying more than 100 herbs / Tammi Hartung; photography by Saxon Holt



Join Mr. D and Ms. Mandy for the Afterschool Science Time Wednesday, September 28 at 3:15 pm. This month's topic will be the principles of flight. How do those heavy airplanes stay in the air?? Come find out.


 Tuesday, September 20, 2011 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm the staff and Friends of the La Porte Community Library had a celebration to commemorate 10 years of service in what is still referred to as the “new building.” Surrounded by turquoise and silver decorations, customers were treated to delicious cake, coffee and punch. 

The celebration continued throughout the afternoon with cookies for all the school children who come to the library each day after school.

Texas Legal Forms Database

Picture of link for Thomson Gale Legal Forms database on HCPL websiteIf you are in need of a Texas legal form, you may be able to find one in our database Thomson Gale Legal Forms.  There are forms for wills, divorce, real estate, bankruptcy, landlords, tenants, name change, power of attorney, small business, etc. This database can be accessed through the library computers or from home.