It's so true with Maud Marks Library. When it comes to reading our customers are very dedicated. No lights, no problem. No air conditioning, no problem. No computers. We will be resourceful. With pencils, papers and flashlights we continued checking out books, cds, dvds and magazines. It happened Friday afternoon, Aug 27 at our library. Our customers were so wonderful that they offered to write down the barcodes for us. Everybody had so much fun.


The Return of Teen Time!

A crisp fall wind may be a couple of months away but school has started and that means it’s time for Teen Time! On Mondays and Thursdays from 2:45-4pm (excluding school holidays and early release days) we have programs for junior high students. These include crafts, game days, computer classes, and movies. Our schedule rotates so stop by to see what we’re doing! Registration is free and available at the program.

Got Magazines?

Did you miss an issue of your favorite magazine?  Want to reread an article, or check out that   new recipe you might have seen in a magazine while waiting at  the dentists office? Well, your library has back issues of magazines that you can check out! Back issues of magazines check out for two weeks, giving you plenty of time to try those health and diet tips, or get some new decorating ideas.  We also have children and teen magazines available for checkout. 

KISD Summer Suggested Reading Books

We still have a good selection of books recommended by KISD for summer readng for kids going into 1-12 grade.


Check Out Our New Toy!!!

Here at Maud Marks , we are always looking for the newest and most innovative way to make sure YOU know what is going on at the library.  Recently, we were chosen to try out the newest idea for Harris County Public Library, an Electronic Bulletin Board!  When you enter the library, look over to the right between the homage to Maud Marks Daughters and the returns desk.  There, you will see our new, cool flat screen TV streaming information about all our upcoming events.  Want to know what our book clubs are reading?  How about when the next volunteer orientation is?  Just keep an eye on the screen, all the information is right there!  Check out what is going on at the Maud Marks Library.  Find out which nationwide events celebrated locally at your library.  We have it all, right there on our Electronic Bulletin Board!