The Library is the Place to Be!

It’s not your grandmother’s library anymore. People are waiting in line to get in. Maybe you should come in and see what the excitement is all about. To get a Harris County library card just bring in an ID with your current address and fill out the form, and the Knowledge card can be yours. 


  7th grade PreAP is required to read  this book


No, not to school. There are  4 more weeks till August 27, 2012. It's time to come back to your LIBRARY to get a book to read. Maud Marks has set up a special shelf for KISD summer reading for all levels. If you are entering 7th grade or in any AP English class, you are required to read certain titles before school starts.

See you at the library

Other Duties as Assigned

Miss Sarah had no idea when she came to work last Monday that she would have to hold a snake. Way to go Sarah!

Fairy Tale Movie This Friday!

Ever wonder what happens when Rapunzel finally gets out of her tower?  Be sure to check out this funny version of the fairy tale also featuring a thief, a chameleon, and a frying pan.  Join us at the Maud Marks Library at 1 pm this Friday, July 27 for the movie and popcorn.


That's right. Snakes will come to Maud Marks library at 2 PM Monday,  July 23, 2012. So boys and girls if you are school age and want to see these interesting creatures with your own eyes ask your parents to bring you to the library. Don't forget that you need ticket to get in so try be here right at 1 PM when we open. See you then.