Arrival of Fall

About a week ago I stepped outside, took a deep breath of air and thought, "Oh my gosh - it's fall!" It was sunny and warm out, the leaves haven't turned (in fact they probably won't till December) but the air had an indescribable yet distinct feel of Autumn. The sky was bright and glary, and had a look of fall.  This little touch of fall weather makes me homesick for Pennsylvania.  Fortunately for me the library has books on fall foliage for when I need to see those turning leaves.  One that I really like is called Colors of Fall; it brings home a little closer.

Author Scott Westerfeld Visits Maud Marks Branch


Teen author Scott Westerfeld dropped by Maud Marks Branch Tuesday October 12th.  He's doing a national tour promoting Behemoth, the 2nd book in his Leviathan series.  While here he took advantage of the library's wifi access to get a little writing done!  He also took time to pose with Children's librarian Charity James and Branch Librarian Sylvia Powers in front of the branch's display of his books.  Thanks to Blue Willow Bookshop for bringing him by!

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Password Management Class

How good are you at keeping all your passwords and usernames straight? If you’re like me you have to email for help all the time, give the website your mother’s maiden name, your first boyfriend, first car, city where you met your spouse, the name of your favorite snack, your favorite sibling’s first name and your favorite pet’s name before you can get access to your password, login and finally your account.
Want to avoid all that frustration? We’ll show you how with our Password Management class.   The class is at 1p