Protect Your Business Ideas

Do you have creative ideas for your small business? Learn how to protect all your intellectual property rights including business names, logos, inventions, and more. On Saturday, September 17th at 1 PM, SCORE, a volunteer group who offers business counseling to small business owners, will be at the Maud Marks Library to show you how it’s done. Topics covered include the difference between patents, trademarks, and copyrights, the importance of protecting your
intellectual property, and more. 

Library Card Sign Up Month

If you don’t have a library card, you are missing out on so many awesome things. Not only can you go into the library to check out great books, audio and movies, but you can also have access to downloading e-books, e-audio, and e-movies. I love reading magazines, and with a Harris County Public Library card you also have free access to over 80 magazines, and multiple databases. Go to and see what it’s all about. September is Library Card Sign up Month so we look forward to seeing you soon.

Read It Before You See It

Oh my goodness!  I was just looking online at upcoming movies and September is going to be a GREAT month for book lovers and knowledge seekers out there.

First up, this week we have Sully, the untold story behind "the Miracle on the Hudson" where 155 people survived a multiple engine failure on a flight out of New York City.  You can read all about the life of Chelsey Sullenberger here.

Exercise Your Body and Mind!

This past summer, the Maud Marks Library held a yoga class.  It turned out to be extremely popular and ever since, people have been asking, "Will you be doing it again?"  The answer to your question is YES!!!  In fact, in September we will have 2 chances for you to work out your body and mind with the relaxing meditative exercise.  This Saturday, September 3 at 3 PM will be our first class.  Join us for yoga poses and relaxed, controlled breathing as we sink into ourselves.  See you tomorrow as we exercise our bodies and minds.

Volunteer Orientation

We will be holding our next volunteer orientation this Thursday, Sept. 1 at 4:30 pm. Students in high school should commit to two hours a week. Contact the library at 281-492-8592 if you have any questions.