Bunnies at the Library

I found a great book about bunnies that will delight your preschooler. The Bunnies Are Not In Their Beds by Marisabina Russo.


Car Sounds ...Hiss Clunk Ping

Your library card number is on the back

 Your library card number is on the back

    For new car values see Consumer Reports web site




Activity for Grandparents & Grandchildren!

The Maud Marks Library would like to invite seniors and other older adults along with their grandchildren to try out our Wii console this Thursday from 1-2pm.  Don’t know how to play?  Don’t worry; we’ll have people here to show you how it’s done.  Refreshments are included and pre-registration is required.  Just click or call us at 281-492-8592.


Spring Break Fun

So, what are you doing over spring break?  Why not spend it at the library?  The Maud Marks Library has events for all ages while school is out.  Infants, toddlers and preschoolers are invited to join us for age appropriate storytimes.  Women (and men) can come for our financial planning seminar on Monday at 3 PM.  Teens can join us for an funfilled afternoon of video and board games on Tuesday at 2 PM.  Older adults can bring their grandchildren and participate in our Senior Moments Wii tournament on Thursday at 1 PM.  Learn how to navigate the Internet on Tuesday at 1 PM.  Finally have time to get your taxes done?  Come by on Monday or Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM to have AARP help you out.  The programs at Maud Marks are open to everyone, although, some programs do require registration.  Click here for a full list of programs and to register

Dog Detective Rules!

“Stakeouts: I’ve sat through a million.”    This line is from Dog on It, a mystery I am really enjoying. How can you not like a book narrated by a street smart dog? This is a fast-paced story, told from the dog’s point of view and features the adventures of Chet the dog and his owner Bernie, a private investigator who’s often down on his luck.
The lines are classic canine: “She wore a robe and had curlers in her hair and some green stuff smeared all over her face… Oops. I caught myself growling. Very bad, but she was scary.”