Reminder for Prospective Volunteers

Our next volunteer orientation at the Maud Marks Branch is tomorrow (November 10) at 7pm. It’s our last volunteer orientation for 2009 and you must attend orientation before you can begin volunteering. If you haven’t turned in your application yet you can turn it in then; remember that if you’re under 18 your parent or guardian needs to sign it too.


Price of a library card = free.

Time it takes to get one =less than 10 minutes.

The joy, education, and pleasure = priceless.


Up, Up, and Away

On Monday at Teen Time we made paper airplanes using directions from some of our books as well as some handy templates online that are marked for you! In case you missed it we have a variety of paper airplane books.




*Photo by snapify*

What Kind of Reader Are You?

Do you enjoy reading and discussing books?  Are you looking for a group of people who love books just as much as you do?  The Maud Marks Library has book clubs for any taste and schedule.  We host 3 book clubs monthly and always love to discuss books with a willing customer.

Halloween Infant Party

Some of the coolest Halloween wear for babies and barely toddlers was on parade at our Thursday Haloween Infant Time.  If you missed the party you can still take a look at some of these creative costumes.