Lots to Do @ Maud Marks

Looking for a fun and free event? Be sure to attend the Annual Hispanic Heritage Festival tomorrow, September 26, from noon-4pm at Maud Marks Branch Library. There’s food, fun, and crafts!


The Morton Ranch H.S. Spanish Honor Society has really dressed up the Maud Marks Library with the Hispanic Heritage Posters representing such countries as Mexico, Columbia, Equador, Bolivia, Nicargua, El Salvador and Costa Rica.  They are beautiful and very informative, stimulating interest and appreciation in the culture.  Kinda makes me want to travel to each one.  We are so grateful for our community friends. 

Listen to the Wind Blow

Hurricane season is here, are you ready? We will be hearing from the Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management next Tuesday at 6:30 PM.  Join us as we get evacuation tips and find out if your disaster emergency kit is good enough.  Topics will include what you can do before the season start to prepare your home, what needs to be done when the storm is on it’s way, how to survive during the storm, and what needs to be done during the aftermath. Register here to join us for this event.


Can I just say that my favorite part of the library is our children. When they come in they are excited, glad to be here and ready to find their special book. They learn the routine from a very early age. At the self check out they know to scan under the red laser, look at the screen to see if it took and then wait on the print-out.
We have weekly programs designed especially for each age group, starting with infants, toddlers, and preschool , school age, young adult, adults and seniors.

Ole! It's Fiesta Time!

It is time to party at the library!  We'll be hosting our annual Hispanic Heritage Festival next Saturday, September 26 from noon to 4 PM.  We'll have crafts for kids, food and cooking demonstrations, dancing and music.  The cooking demonstration will begin at noon.  Omni Salsa will be here once again at 12:30 PM for our annual Salsa demonstration followed by several Ballet Folklorico groups.  At 3:15 PM a hispanic guitarist will be here to serenade us.  The crafts will go on the entire festival.  Watch out for our pinata, it may just drop candy at anytime!

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