Believe it or Not! You can make a beautiful Christmas Wreath out of those throw away bags that protect newspapers on rainy days. You can’t get any greener than that.
Join us for the afternoon craft on Wed. Nov. 9 at 4:30 PM. This makes a great group activity because it does take some time to finish a wreath. So brothers and sister can work together or Parent and child. Bring the whole family and share the memory.

Holiday Happenings @ HCPL

Get into the holiday spirit with HCPL! Harris County Public Libraries will have holiday programs throughout the month of December. We have programs for all ages and with a variety of themes. Listed below are our holiday programs grouped into the following categories: All Ages, Adults, Teens, and Children. Visit here for more programs. Please keep in mind some events may require registration. For more information on events, please contact the library.

Happy Holidays

All Ages

Share Your Holidays Food Drive


  The need for food is up 40% this year according the Houston Food Bank which services an 18 county area surrounding Houston. Times are hard, no doubt, but you can help make things easier for a family this season.
  When you do your Thanksgiving shopping take the time to add a few extra items in your grocery cart and bring them to the library on or before December 4th.  This year’s annual Share Your Holidays Food Drive takes place at the Maud Marks branch from 6am-6pm on Friday, December 4th.
  We’ll have Volunteers at the Food Drive the entire day to take your donations of nonperishable food. The Maud Marks Library is the designated food drive location for the Katy area.  Food donated here stays in the community!
Hope to see you there!



 Knitting dates back to 100 BC. That’s mighty old. Through the ages knitted garments were a necessity.  Knitted socks were found in Egyptian tombs. Sailors introduced knitting to far away ports.  Women stepped up and did their part in World War I by knitting socks for the men at war. Now people like to knit socks for fun. Here at Maud Smith Marks Library we are learning to knit during Teen Time.   We are not planning to knit any socks but have learned to cast on and the knit stitch. The Teens will be continuing their project on Nov. 23 & Nov. 30.


Decisions, Decisions

Are you looking for another great book to read? Want an easy way to find books similar to your favorites? Then sign up for our ‘What Do I Read Next?’ class at the Maud Marks Branch Library this Thursday at 7 pm. Learn to use NoveList, an easy database where you can find books and keep lists of what you’ve read and what you would like to read. 

Happy reading!