Volunteer Orientation on June 3 @ 2pm

If you turned in your volunteer application for the summer be sure to come to our mandatory summer volunteer orientation. It’s Thursday, June 3 at 3 pm.   Thanks for your help!


 I have always love things that are shiny and glittery. I love to discover buried treasure. I especially love to find something old and restore it to new life.
Maud Smith Marks Library is a great place to discover buried treasure. I love to browse the shelves and find a book I never knew about and discover it is my new most favorite book. A person could do that everyday and always find a book you never heard of before. It might be a new author, a book in a series you missed, a classic you always wanted to read. I have discovered my favorite author in the whole library

Taking Care of Your Pet: Tips For Tabby, Facts on Fido

 Looking for the purrfect way to spend your afternoon?  Please join us on Thursday, May 20th at 1:00 pm when Senior Moments presents TAKING CARE OF YOUR PET. Citizens for Animal Protection will be talking to Seniors about pet care.  Register here for this program. SIT and STAY! People treats will be provided.

Volunteer Applications for Summer Due Friday!

Just a reminder that summer applications are due this Friday, May 21! You can pick up an application at the information desk or print one here. Schedules will be available at either mandatory orientation (May 25 at 7pm or June 3 at 3 pm). Thanks for your help!

Happy Asian Pacific Heritage Month!

Last Saturday at the Maud Marks Library, we had a BLAST!!!  It was time for our annual Asian Pacific Heritage Festival.  We kicked off the day with bonsai trees, a diayas craft, and Vietnamese music.  We also had a Japanese Tea Ceremony, belly dancing, a Rangoli demonstration, lei making, Japanese AND Chinese calligraphy, origami, and of course, lots of food!  The highlight of the day was a Vietnamese lion dance complete with silliness.  A great time was had by all.  Click here to see more photos.