Tax Forms Are Here!

Most of the IRS tax forms are available in our lobby for you to pick up.  We’re still waiting on the 1040 forms and instructions but they should be here around the end of January; in the meantime they are available on the IRS website.  Also keep in mind that the AARP will be back starting in February to assist with tax preparation.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information!

Margaret and her Mom

With all the presents and decorations put away its good to get back to a weekly routine of going to the library and checking out books.  Margaret and her mom are looking for princess books, a favorite of Margaret. 

Start the New Year Right!

 (c) 2011

It's the New Year!  With the New Year comes all the New Year resolutions.  Are you determined to keep yours this year?  The Maud Marks Library can help you with that.  We have 2, that's right, count 'em TWO programs to help you start the New Year out on the right foot. 

Are you looking at that mess in your study and deciding that this is the year you are going to be able to find stuff?  We will be hosting an organization seminar on Saturday, January 7 at 1 PM.  Learn how long you need to keep documents and even where to start on that mess currently piled up to the ceiling.

Happy New Year.... and Many More!

Is this the year of the important high school reunion? Or is your son or daughter getting married? Is your cholesterol a little too high? Are you tired during the day? Sometimes it only takes a little motivation to get started. Having two grandkids to bend down and pick up is what first got me started doing some strength training. Then three years ago when my son told me he was getting married I knew I was on the right track.

Needing Decorating Ideas?

The  new kitten decided to lend a paw  with tree decorating. If you are needing a little inspiration check out the many Christmas books found at your library. (no kittens were harmed in making this blog)