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What's Next?

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OK, so we don't have the space shuttle anymore.  We don't know when we're going back to the moon.  What's next for NASA and Space City Houston?  Well, a lot apparently.

Join us at the Maud Marks Library on Saturday, October 15 at 1 PM as we explore what is beyond the final frontier in space!  Robert Jon Scheid, will here to discuss what is coming in the future for NASA and the Johnson Space Center.  We don't want to miss this all important discussion about the future of our great city.

New Books at Maud Marks

 If you're looking for something different to read be sure to check out our new books display at the Maud Marks Library!  We have books that we have received over the past few months on this display and you can find fiction and nonfiction.  To find even more new books check the list of new titles for all of the libraries.  Happy reading!

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