Afternoon Art Oct 27 at 4:30pm!

Don’t forget about Afternoon Art today, Oct 27, at 4:30 pm at the Maud Marks Branch Library.  This program is for school-aged children and today we’re making ghostly towers!

Puppet Show

This week is puppet show Wednesday for all preschool children between 3-5 years old.                                                              


Voting Information

Tuesday, November 2nd is election day. If you are looking for voting information check out the library’s election page which includes information on major candidates and issues, election day and early voting locations, League of Women Voter’s resources and more. Many of our libraries are also early voting or election day polling places. Need more information on your candidates? Pick up a free Voter’s Guide at any of our branches!

Arrival of Fall

About a week ago I stepped outside, took a deep breath of air and thought, "Oh my gosh - it's fall!" It was sunny and warm out, the leaves haven't turned (in fact they probably won't till December) but the air had an indescribable yet distinct feel of Autumn. The sky was bright and glary, and had a look of fall.  This little touch of fall weather makes me homesick for Pennsylvania.  Fortunately for me the library has books on fall foliage for when I need to see those turning leaves.  One that I really like is called Colors of Fall; it brings home a little closer.