That's right. Snakes will come to Maud Marks library at 2 PM Monday,  July 23, 2012. So boys and girls if you are school age and want to see these interesting creatures with your own eyes ask your parents to bring you to the library. Don't forget that you need ticket to get in so try be here right at 1 PM when we open. See you then.

Movie this Friday

Hi everyone!  At the Maud Marks Library we've been showing movies every Friday, and we'll do it again this week at 1 PM.  However, there has been a slight change in plans.  We will no longer be showing a movie about pre-historic animals making their way through climate change.  Instead we will be showing a movie about a Viking who befriends a fantastical creature.   Can't guess what the movie is?  Give us a call and we'll tell you since we can't post the title here.  Or, just show up on Friday at 1 PM for popcorn and fun!

Wii Bowling for Seniors

Our Senior Moments program for this month is  Tuesday, July 17 at 1 pm.  We will be teaming up to

do Wii Bowling.  You can just show up, no need to register.

Hunger Games Party for Teens

Join us at the Maud Marks Library on Thursday, July 19 at 2pm for a Hunger Games party!  Test your knowledge with a trivia contest, try out treats from the Capitol, and play games.  Teens and tweens are welcome. 

Did They Get Their Just Desserts?

There's still time to read the next book for our mystery book club!  On Wednesday, July 11 at 2 PM, the Just Desserts Mystery Book Club will be meeting once again to discuss our latest book A Bad Day's Work by Nora McFarland.  Best of all, we will be discussing the book with Nora McFarland herself via Skype!