New Titles

Did you know that Harris County Public Library is constantly adding new titles to its collection?  DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, YA, Juvenile Nonfiction - you name it.

Near the beginning of each month, a New Titles report is run, which lists all of the titles that have been added to the collection in the past 30 days by category, as well as the Most Requested and Most Circulated Titles of the past month, including the most requested titles we have On Order.  These lists provide handy, one-click shortcuts to each title's record in our catalog, so that you may request it on the spot using your Library Card Number and PIN, even (as is the case for On Order items) before some of the titles are even in circulation.

Many of our new arrivals have long waitlists.  Consider this service a sort of express pass to the front of the line.  To get to the New Titles report page, first head to our website,  From there, hover over the Books & Media tab and select New Titles.  It's a great resource, and, if nothing else, it puts a sort of timestamp on our collection's evolutionary process and, if you follow through to the record, it shows you which new titles are most popular (in demand anyway) among HCPL patrons.

Freedom to Read

Join us in Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Freedom to Read September 30 to October 6 Banned Books Week. Books are challenged by an individual or group with best intentions to prevent materials to be read by others (usually children) because of the content the books contain. The challenge is to ban the book from libraries, schools and media all across the country. Sometimes the challenge results in banning of the book and some challenges are unsuccessful.  Everyone has the freedom and you can make the choice to ban or read these books.

Here is a list of the Top Ten books challenged in 2011.

Navigate Your Way Through Voting

Voting is a privilege and we want to make sure you are ready, and have all the information you need when you go to the polls. With this in mind, Northwest Branch is having an informative seminar on October 17 at 6:00 pm to help you navigate your way through the voting process. This is a non-partisan event and all are welcome. Elections are near so get ready, Get ready! Get ready.  

Something New But It's Not Blue

Technology is here to stay. It has invaded our world of sanity and it is forever changing and evolving. It is called the I Pad. You have your device and you think it is nice but; are you having difficulty? Want to know what all I can do with it? Where are the free apps? Well, a series of seminars will be given in the month of October, here at northwest. They are to bring clarity and to help you enjoy your IPad better. Seminars will be each Saturday at 1:00 PM starting October 6, 2012. Bring your IPad, and if you don’t have; one will be provided. Flyers are in the library or you can ask our staff. 

Sudoku Fever

I had heard about Sudoku about 5 years ago.  I didn’t understand it and I really wasn’t interested.  It didn’t look easy and I was comfortable with my word finds. 
In our August printed events calendar, we featured an alphabet Sudoku.  I asked how I can solve it. I worked through it and when I was finished with it I was hooked for life!
I want to invite you to get hooked also.  Not only do we have books that can teach you how to be a Sudoku Master, we also have Sudoku Mysteries and much more.  Increase your brain power while you’re at it and get to the history of Sudoku.
Here are some simple instructions to get you started. 
Start by filling in the boxes so that every row, column and 3x3 mini –grid contains each digit from 1 to 9 once.
Use a pencil so you can erase any mistakes
Don’t rush—there’s no time limit.
Of course, the numbers that are already given cannot change
Keep in mind, there is one correct solution for each puzzle.
Using these tips, you can now get started!