Word up “Sci Fi”

Science fiction is the word around Northwest Library. Are you a science fiction fan? Have you ever read it before?
Do you read it sometimes? Well, we have a place for you. Northwest Library is starting a new book club. Would you believe a “Sci Fi” book club? We are looking for people like you with the same passion for science fiction. If you are interested, all you need to do is come by the library and sign up. Please don’t be shy; your response is well needed.

Here are a couple of titles you might like:

The Android's dream by John Scalzi

 The last Colony by John Scalzi


Time to travel

Travel, VacationGet away from the stresses of work, school, and your daily routine.  Plan now and you could be enjoying beautiful Italy or relaxing at the Bahamas.  Stop dreaming about your dream vacation and live it!  We have wonderful books sitting on our shelves waiting for you to whisk them away to exciting destinations. Find romance in Germany, discover Australia, or unearth treasures in England. Afraid of flying? No problem, drive to destinations in the United States.  Explore the Grand Canyon, visit America's capital Washington DC, or have an adventure through North and South Carolina. Even better, take advantage of what our fabulous city of Houston has to offer.

Three Books I Can't Wait to Sink My Teeth Into

September is looking to be a great month for new releases.  I am anxiously waiting for the following three books to be released over the next couple of weeks:


Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace by D.T. Max (Released 8/30)


NW by Zadie Smith (Releases 9/4)


Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon (Releases 9/11)

Although they aren't available for checkout just yet, you can still request them through the library's catalog (or by calling us and asking us to request if for you).  Just follow the links above to get to each book's record.  The hold lists are still short enough that they would come to you not too long after the release date.  Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Bulletin Boards

Although the summer sun has faded the once colorful bulletin boards throughout the library, I am pleased to say that new ones will be replacing them soon.  We will be putting up information about the National Hispanic Heritage Month, special children’s programs, Gwen's new and upcoming book clubs, and much more.  You can also learn about all of our programs through our online events calendar.  If you have any suggestions or creative ideas for our boards, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Goodbye Summer!

Summer is sadly coming to an end. Children are back in school, parents back to work, and we are setting up our book shelves for the next big thing. We want to help you get first dibs on great ideas for upcoming holidays. Plan your Halloween party in advance, find great Thanksgiving recipes to try out before the big day, or start collecting Christmas decorating ideas early this year.  It's always good to plan ahead and use all the resources you can get your hands on. Here are a few books to get you started. You can also browse our online library catalog. What's your favorite Holiday?