Breaking Up with Why We Broke Up

So.  What makes a good book?  It's a tough, and perhaps ultimately unanswerable, question.  And if there is an answer, it certainly varies from person to person (Every reader his [or her] book -S.R. Ranganathan).

When I first heard about Why We Broke Up, the new Young Adult novel written by the great Daniel Handler and illustrated by the great Maira Kalman, I knew that I had to read it, because I thought it had the potential to be a great book. But, as will happen from time to time, I thought wrong.

Giddy Up, Camel?!?

camelLooking for something fun and unconventional to do this Spring Break? Why not come to the library and go on a camel ride? Yes, that's right. Thanks to the Friends of the Northwest Library, on Monday, March 12th at 3:00 PM, the library will have an actual camel, ready to ride! Stay for crafts, meet Menchie and experience other Spring Break fun! 

Recycled Plastic Bottle Flowers Craft for Adults

Bottle DumpDon't dump the bottles! Turn them into something beautiful. Come and find out how to make a bouquet of flowers from  old bottles! Craft starts at 12:00 noon on March 6th. Please note this will be our last Adult Craft Class for awhile. Don't miss out! 

The Hunger Games Madness

Read an eBook! Week is March 4th-10th!

Have you been meaning to try reading one of those eBooks everyone's been talking about on your iPad?  Do you read books regularly on your eReader, but you're tired of coughing up all of the dough to do so?  Do you have a brand new reader and no idea where to start? 

Let us help!

In celebration of Read an eBook Week, which runs this year from March 4th-10th, on Saturday, March 10th,  the Northwest Library will have two of our Tech Tutors on hand, offering one-on-one sessions all day (10am to 5pm), advising you on how to check eBooks out from our Digital Media Catalog to your digital device.

Bring your own device in, or learn with one of ours.  And don't fret:  with the recent addition of over 500 new titles, there's surely something in our Digital Media Catalog for everyone.