The Value of Silence

Northwest Branch library is the best in the world, but if you're expecting it to be completely quiet this summer, you may be disappointed.  Our library is so busy and has so much going on we are essentially a community center.  If you simply must have silence to study or what not, I recommend trying one of the libraries associated with a college, or going to a larger library like Barbara Bush where the children's section is downstairs and the adult section upstairs.  In the end, always remember: silence is golden, but Northwest Branch library is platinum! 

School is ALMOST Out! What will you do ALL summer?

School's Almost Out

School is almost over for the summer! The kiddos are almost ready for a summer of fun. Remember, the library has activities almost EACH and EVERY day! Northwest Library is planning train rides, puppet shows, all sorts of crafts and much more! Be sure to visit our website on June 4th and register for the summer reading program fun. Come on in and pick up a program calendar, too. We have a Summer Reading Program for every age; kids, teens and (even) adults!

Visit Thailand! Around the World Crafts



Visit Thailand this month in our International Crafting Hour. Around the World Crafts with Alma is sure to be a fun time. Come to the library on Saturday, May 15th at 3:00 pm and see what is all about. Learn about a different country each month.

Keeping Up With the Times

Northwest Branch does not have any more audio cassettes!  Chances are you didn't even notice they were gone.  The sad reality is, while new things come, others must go.  If you are wondering, we still have a small number of VHS tapes, but I cannot say for how long.  When they wear out, we don't get new ones, so enjoy them while you can.  Technology never stands still.  One day you'll be amazed we still offer books on paper!


What an interesting concept. There is a product we have in the library which is called magazines. Often times this product is over looked because it does not get the publicity as other reads. However, I find that magazines are really one size fits all. Many of the magazines are based on subject topics such as Yoga, enterprise, people and basketball, just to name a few. At the same time they offer articles, recipes, ideas, travel, health, decorating, exercise, and all the good stuff that makes life living. Most importantly, it is a quick read and a relaxing time saver. Northwest Branch has magazines. They are located right behind the information desk. Come and browse, if you need to check them out it is also possible.