How to Browse HCPL's Most Recently Added eBooks

Did you know that we've added 692 titles to our Digital Media Catalog in the past 30 days?  If you are already familiar with our Digital Media Catalog, browsing for recently added titles is relatively painless.  What follows is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so.

First, head to HCPL's website,

Of course, if you are using an iPad, you can bypass this step by using the Overdrive app.  

Cowabunga Dude!

This is April  reporting live from the Northwest Library.  I am standing in front of the home of the newest members of the Northwest family.  Meet Michelangelo and Raphael, our two red eared slider turtles. Named after two of the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters, they have made their new home here at the Northwest branch. Although they are still settling in, they would love a visit and a warm welcome from our patrons. Now we have seen a variety of animals here at our branch. We have our friendly woodpeckers that come visit us every fall, and not too long ago Larry the Camel dropped by for a huge surprise. Our visitors have come and gone, but our turtles are here to stay.  Drop by, say hello, and don't forget the pizza!

Wednesday Movie Time

move reelHey everybody come by Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 4:00 pm to watch Matthew Broderick in one of his best comedies of the 80's. By the way, it is also his birthday that day! So if you're a fan, you have to see this movie. 

Tech Tutors In Action

Reference Librarian Gwendolyn teaches patron how to download eBooks.Today the library celebrated Read an eBook Week at our one-on-one Tech Tutors Table. Patrons have been stopping by all day to get their specific questions answered. Many folks didn't know they could use their library cards to download free eBooks! If you missed the tutoring session, stop by the information desk for assistance. Also, online assistance is available. Why not celebrate with us and check out an eBook today. They are free with your library card!

Breaking Up with Why We Broke Up

So.  What makes a good book?  It's a tough, and perhaps ultimately unanswerable, question.  And if there is an answer, it certainly varies from person to person (Every reader his [or her] book -S.R. Ranganathan).

When I first heard about Why We Broke Up, the new Young Adult novel written by the great Daniel Handler and illustrated by the great Maira Kalman, I knew that I had to read it, because I thought it had the potential to be a great book. But, as will happen from time to time, I thought wrong.