Don't Hide the Books!

A lot of people request or look at books and decide they don't want them, but then don't know what to do with them.  The answer is to put the books on the reshelf carts or leave them at the designated places for unwanted books.  If it was a requested item please give it to us to cancel the request.  There is no need to hide library materials like Easter Eggs!

Notice 'A-ha' Moments

  I have had A-ha moments but never after reading a fiction book. A-ha is just a phrase used when something surprise me or something comes to my mind that I wasn’t sure about and then someone else comes up with the same conclusion. Our Hallelujah Book Club read, The Penny by Joyce Meyer. This book was a great eye opener. I will never look at the penny the same anymore. It was such an A-ha that many on the staff are compelled to read the book.                 

Modern Day Monster

I remember when I was younger, my sister and I would look at a sitcom called “The Munster’s”. With all the talk of vampire movies, and the Young Adults reading Twilight and New Moon, I thought I would test the waters. I set up a display showing the books on Vampire Romance. To my surprise, the Adults just kept checking them out. This just shows me, age has no barriers.

Tribute to the Lobby

Whether you call it the lobby, foyer, front hall, parlor or entrance, right inside our doors there is much to see. On the bulletin boards there are flyers advertising all kinds of events and movies. To your left there is the book deposit slot where you can return all your items (with the exception of oversized books) including DVDs and CDs. On the right is the entrance to the meeting room, where movies are shown and tax help is given. Lastly, the lobby also has our bathrooms. So look around you the next time you walk in and see what you may have overlooked.

Book Clubs: A Place of Belonging

Northwest Branch Library has several book clubs available for Adults. They are Classic, Fiction, and Inspirational Fiction. I am responsible for two of them such as Reader's Perspective (Fiction) and the Hallelujah (inspirational). Since the book clubs have begun the Adults have found this to be a place of meeting new people, social interaction, and sharing the joy of discussing the same book. I have noticed, although we read the same book our perspectives of the book are not always the same. The conversation, laughter and fun that are brought through reading are a pleasure for all. The Hallelujah Book club meets the 1st Monday of the month and the reader's Perspective meets the 3rd Monday of the month, and Classic readers meet the 4th Monday of the month. We would be glad to have you join.