Go Digital - I did!

Santa came early this year! He brought me a digital reader! I am now able to download up to 350 books on an electronic device that weighs no more than one pound! Our Overdrive Downloadable Collection is compatiable with many electronic devices. My digital library has been downloaded from our Harris County Public Library eBooks Collection and from the Google Books Public Domain section. It is truly an amazing technology! No, I will never give up my actual, physical books, but I will be happy to add an additional 350 free books to my personal home library!

Long Live the Lobsters!

The world is full of many strange and unusual news stories that occur every day. I recently came across a fascinating story of a 70+ year old lobster that is being set free from a New York seafood restaurant.

You Use What as a Bookmark?!

People use some strange things to mark the pages in their library books. Usually it’s just their library receipts, but not always. I’ve come across letters, business cards, and receipts of what I would deem a ‘delicate’ nature. Bear in mind that someone’s personal medical history doesn’t improve the desirability of a book…or, at least, it shouldn’t. I’ve even come across funeral home mementos. I suppose if ‘Uncle Pete’ can’t be with us on earth, his memory can live on between pages 72 and 73 of a good murder mystery. Some people even leave money in books! Since I don’t know many patrons with the surname Rockefeller, I assume this money will be missed. So be careful what you leave in books! We can’t always catch these unintentional additions to our reading materials.

Nidya Granadino and the Panamanian Children's Art Exhibit

The Northwest Library was contacted by Ms. Nidya Granadino. She lives in Houston, but teaches art to the children of her hometown Province of Chiriqui in Panama. Nidya shared wonderful artwork from Panamanian sixth graders with us. These colorful renditions of the Panama Canal, landscapes, still life drawings and depictions of every day life in Panama are sure to please, educate and inspire the children of Cypress, Texas. Come on it to see this wonderful exhibit and leave a comment in the exhibit comment book. The child artists will be able to read what you have written.  

The Tie Wins Again!

Okay, so my Aggie spirit got the better of me on Halloween and I put my Texas A&M tie on over my Halloween costume. This inspired my wife to make me promise that, if the Aggies won, I would post a picture of myself wearing the tie on my blog. Also, she made me promise to mention to readers that she is the one who purchased the tie for me. Therefore, Texas A&M’s winning streak can all be credited to her buying me the tie.