What the Dewey?

Many people are apparently intimidated by the Dewey Decimal system! I know, can you believe it!?! Well, once upon a time so was I, but that’s another story. The fact is, those numbers on the spines of the nonfiction books (you know, the mostly serious books) tell you what the book is about. Use the charts we have up, one of our bookmarks, or ask a librarian to find the number of your favorite subject. Most of the books on your favorite pastime will be grouped together; e.g. 629 = cars, 741.597 = comics, 641.5 = cooking. So go find your number! You can thank me later.

Harris County Homeowner Disaster Recovery Program

The Harris County Homeowner Disaster Recovery Program (HDRP) is a voluntary program to assist homeowners who reside in Harris County but outside the City of Houston, whose homes were affected by Hurricane Ike by providing financial assistance to repair damage and when necessary reconstruct home.

Eligibility Requirements

Famous People are at Our Library!…Well, Sort Of

Did you know that many of our patrons share names with famous people? It’s true! Many of the people who come to Northwest can boast of having the same name or names that sound like those of the Founding Fathers, action heroes, famous fictional characters, and other celebrities. So who knows who you’ll meet at the library? Why don’t you come and find out!

The Houston Grand Opera's Opera To Go Was a Great Success

Yesterday, The Houston Grand Opera came and visited us here at Northwest Library. We had over 80 people in attendance. They sang an opera written by Composer Enrique Gonzalez-Medina. How Nanita Learned to Make Flan was entertaining for all ages. It was a wonderful sight to see three year olds that just came from Toddler Storytime come and enjoy the artistic talents of local Opera Singers. The story was of a little girl named Nanita who made a magical pair of shoes that transport her far from her beloved father. While away, she learns to make the most delicious flan. With the help of a talking parrot and an old woman, she finds her way back and shares her new culinary skills with all at her first communion. What a wonderful tale for all! What true talents we have right here in Houston! Thank you, Opera to Go.

Where Has Aggie Football Gone?

Shakespeare once said “Tickle us, do we not laugh? Prick us, do we not bleed maroon?” Okay, maybe those weren’t his exact words but no Aggie would disagree with that translation. And, I am definitely a proud fightin’ Texas Aggie!