The Friends of the Northwest Library; it's in the bag!

NW Friends of the LibraryThe Friends of the Northwest Library is a wonderful group of community members that support the library. One current fundraising effort is our canvas book bags. For a donation of $5, you can sport a fine canvas tote with the Friends of the Northwest Library logo on it. You'll be the talk of the town (well, at least the talk of your book club!). So come on in and considering supporting this wonderful organization. Another way to support the Friends of the Library is to come to the next book sale on January 30th. Mark your calendars! Lastly, you can donate your books to the group.

Try Our Self Check-Out Machines!

Do you like waiting in long lines? Do you like being entirely dependent upon others? Probably not- so why not give our self check-out machines a try? Many are intimidated, but they are not as scary as you might think. They are quick and easy, and I promise you no one has ever lost a finger using them. Our friendly staff can always help you the first time and at any time you have trouble thereafter. So no worries!

Minnesota Twins Making History

As everyone already knows I am a sports fan and my favorite sport is baseball! Even though my Astros are not in the playoffs, I spent the last week eagerly watching the standings as the races to claim the final playoff spots came down to the wire. 

Go Green @ your library

Harkamal and the Giant SquashAt Northwest, we are going green. Our new staff member John, our Circulation Assistant, has raised all of our consciousness and implemented a recycling program for the staff. He has taught us the importance of small steps towards a greener library. Harkamal, our Shelving Assistant, is a master gardener and a great chef. She and her family grow vegetables in thier backyards. She once told me that the squash were big and getting ready, but I couldn't image this big. So, go green!

Where Are All the New DVDs?

This is a question I get all the time. There is no special section for them, and from what I understand finding them on the shelf is difficult to impossible. So where are all the new DVDs? Simply put, they have been requested long before they ever reached the shelf. So if you have a great blockbuster movie in mind, I suggest requesting it through our online catalogue before your waiting queue number is 412!