We all know Santa Reached the North Pole First…

Of course, we all know that Santa Claus reached the North Pole first. Nevertheless, among the more scientific minded individuals, there remains a great debate as to who was the first man to reach the North Pole. Like the South Pole race I discussed last week, the North Pole was host to a contest between two great explorers to see who would reach the North Pole first. Unlike with the South Pole, the winner is still a matter of debate.

Rob Costelloe Wows Library Book Club Members

What a special treat we had today at the Northwest Library! Local area writer, Rob Costelleospoke to the members of our library book clubs about the writing process. He detailed plot development, the writing and research process, the final editing along with the trials of the publication process. Author Costelleo has two titles; Coinage of Commitment and Pocket Piece Cameo by Saga Books Press. Be sure to visit his website for more details.

Take Time to Read Our Blogs!

If you're reading this then you've already found HCPL's best blogger *wink*, but just in case I have a slightly inflated sense of self *gasp* why don't you take the time to explore our website and read our other blogs.  You can find out what's going on at this and other locations, get reviews of books and movies, and find other interesting info.  The holiday season is hectic, so take some time out.  You might even find a review of something that would make a great gift.  Remember, our Friends of the Library book sales are always good opportunities to buy cheap gifts and will take some of the pressure off of next year's shopping season (just don't buy any of the refreshments and expect them to still be good at Christmas)! 

The Library Is A Warm Place To Be On A Cold Winter's Day

The Weather Outside Is FrightfulSharyn and John collaborated on a wonderful Fireplace and Mantle bulletin board this past week. Each staff member decorated a stocking and the stockings were hung with care. We just want to tell Santa we have been good all year and hope there is no coal that will be delivered to Northwest Library! Come and check out our bulletin board in person. It is located behind the Circulation Desk at the library. 

Hey! What About the Other Pole?

This is the time of year where most people are focusing their efforts and thoughts upon the all-important North Pole, from where they hope to receive many new toys and treasures. However, during this week in 1907, the World’s greatest explorers were more interested in the other side of the globe and the South Pole!