Celebrate Bollywood in May

Every Monday at 4:00 PM in May we will be celebrating the exciting, colorful, and musical films of India! We will temporarily postpone our regularly scheduled Teen Movie Night to bring you some of the best in contemporary Bollywood Cinema. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to India’s richly diverse cultures through movies! We look forward to seeing you there.

Flickr CC: Madhuri: AS 2009

"4" is the Magic Number for New Books

Every month new books are caringly put on display by Ms. Gwendolyn, one of our great NW librarians!  Each book has a sticker with a number telling us what month it arrived.  Since it is April, that means that the newest books will have a number "4" on the spine!  Check out the new book display this month and find something new to read!

Yom Hashoah: Never Forget

ButterfliesToday is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Please take a moment to learn, reflect and remember the six million victims. Visit the Holocaust Museum Houston (HMH) and watch personal stories of the brave survivors. A simple way to remember is to participate in the HMH Butterfly Project.

Don't Hide the Books!

A lot of people request or look at books and decide they don't want them, but then don't know what to do with them.  The answer is to put the books on the reshelf carts or leave them at the designated places for unwanted books.  If it was a requested item please give it to us to cancel the request.  There is no need to hide library materials like Easter Eggs!

Notice 'A-ha' Moments

  I have had A-ha moments but never after reading a fiction book. A-ha is just a phrase used when something surprise me or something comes to my mind that I wasn’t sure about and then someone else comes up with the same conclusion. Our Hallelujah Book Club read, The Penny by Joyce Meyer. This book was a great eye opener. I will never look at the penny the same anymore. It was such an A-ha that many on the staff are compelled to read the book.