Library Lingo

Every trade has its own vernacular; the same goes for the library.  Sometimes we may say things that don't make sense to you, so here is a short list of terms and slang for your benefit:

  1. ILL = Interlibrary Loan (a book borrowed from another library system)
  2. Admin = Administrative building (where most of our books, etc. are processed)
  3. Circ = Circulation Desk (the front desk)
  4. SR table = Summer Reading table (applies only during the summer)
  5. Shelf Read = meticulously reading the spines of the books to make sure they are in order
  6. Shelf Check = checking to see if an item is on the shelf

Let's Hear it for the Tie!

Okay, perhaps my wearing the Texas A&M tie on Saturday did not have anything to do with Aggies scoring a major upset over 21st ranked Texas Tech! Still, sports fans are full of superstitions and I am willing to wear the A&M tie every Aggie game for the rest of the year as long as they keep winning.

James Gives a Tour for the Boy Scouts Books and Reading Merit Badge

This morning our Assistant Branch Librarian, James Meadows, gave a library tour to a local Boy Scouts Troop so they could earn the Books and Reading Merit Badge. Did you know the library carries the Merit Badge Books. Check out this link for the Books and Reading Badge Pamplet. You can order this guide and many others and have them brought directly to your library. 

The Many Covers of Bram Stoker's Dracula

As I was requesting copies of Bram Stoker's Dracula for our Classic Reader's Book Club, I was inspired by the many book covers. The art varies so dractically and is very interesting. On November 23rd at 2:00 pm, we will be hosting a book club discussing horror classic.         

Hurray for Logic!

I miss my college logic class. Without a doubt, logic was my favorite class in college. I scored so well in the class that the teacher told me that I didn’t even have to take the final. If I made a zero on the final I would still have an A in the class. Today, logic is my favorite past time. Whether I am trying to solve a Sudoku puzzle, bending my mind around a “false” logic puzzle, solving cryptograms or working on any other kind of puzzle, I love solving logic puzzles!