Have you seen an Assyrian Warrior on the loose in the library?

Assyrian Warrior

Recently, Art Agent, Cecilia Samuel, installed an exhibit of fine art at the library. There are three significant pieces by Artist David Lamont. Lamont takes ancient wall engravings and relief images and recreates them in exact detail. His Assyrian Warrior stands over 9' tall. Come and check out his work as it will only be here for one month. If you would like to meet the artist, he will be at the Northwest Library on Wednesday, June 9th from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Use Your Receipt as a Bookmark!

When you check out a book, you usually recieve a receipt that says when it's due.  Why not use that receipt as a bookmark?  It will remind you when you should return the book to the library, and if you forget to take it out of the book before you return it, it's not a big deal.  When you use your library card or personal notes to mark your page, you can easily forget that they're there and lose them when you return the book.  Just a tip to help you enjoy your summer!


Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2010

Taking a vacation is a good time to relax, have fun and travel from place to place. This sounds good but where shall I began? Northwest Branch Library has a travel section which is located in the Non-Fiction Adult area. Travel guides will provide information on the states, restaurants, hotels, recreation sites, cost, and all of the necessary information that will make your travel enjoyable. Come and see if this doesn’t make the decision easier.    



The Value of Silence

Northwest Branch library is the best in the world, but if you're expecting it to be completely quiet this summer, you may be disappointed.  Our library is so busy and has so much going on we are essentially a community center.  If you simply must have silence to study or what not, I recommend trying one of the libraries associated with a college, or going to a larger library like Barbara Bush where the children's section is downstairs and the adult section upstairs.  In the end, always remember: silence is golden, but Northwest Branch library is platinum! 

School is ALMOST Out! What will you do ALL summer?

School's Almost Out

School is almost over for the summer! The kiddos are almost ready for a summer of fun. Remember, the library has activities almost EACH and EVERY day! Northwest Library is planning train rides, puppet shows, all sorts of crafts and much more! Be sure to visit our website on June 4th and register for the summer reading program fun. Come on in and pick up a program calendar, too. We have a Summer Reading Program for every age; kids, teens and (even) adults!