Regular Hours Resume September 8

During the heat emergency this summer, branches opened at 10 AM Monday-Friday. Regular hours resume for all branch locations on Tuesday, September 8.  Regular hours are listed on each branch page as well as the main locations page.

Flyers, Pamphlets, and Bookmarks – Oh My!

Hello, everyone!  As my first blog I would like to say hello and to remind you all that those calendars, flyers, and bookmarks at the front desk and at Information are not there to be in your way, they are actually there to help and inform you!  They tell you how to use the library, where to find things, and about all the great programs we have at Northwest.  So what are you waiting for?  Peruse the pamphlets, have a handout, and borrow a bookmark…they’re yours for the taking!  And remember; always feel free to tell us what you think of them.

Summer Reading Programs - What Do You Think?

Adult SRP        Children's SRP      Teen SRP

Did you participate in one of this year's Summer Reading Programs?  If you did and you'd like to share your opinions, or if didn't and you'd like to tell us what would make you join next year, please fill out this survey by September 8th.  Help us make next year's program the best one yet!

Update 9/8: The survey has closed. Thank you for your interest.  If you have additional comments, please leave them below.

Seniors Social - - Meet and Greet!

Meet the neighbors! Get to know other seniors! Learn new skills, share old skills, play mahjong… We are getting together on every third Monday at 2:00pm. This is an informal social time; a place to meet new friends, share recipes, get helpful tricks and tips or learn something new. Carol and Connie will host this monthly event. We’ll see you there.

Overdrive at Drive Time - Audio Books for Commuters

Do you drive a long distance? Are you a taxi for the kids? Want to make your car time quality time? Are you trying to keep the peace while others road rage around you? Try our downloadable audio books. This collection can be checked out easily. You don’t have to worry about late fines or returning items. It all happens automatically. Visit Overdrive and find out more.