Meet Your Atascocita Staff: Mary

Name: Mary

Title: Assistant Branch Librarian

Time working at branch: 13 yrs in June

1. I don't have a particular genre that is my "go-to" style. When I get the chance I read a little in horror, fantasy, some general fiction, young adult, and some children's books.

2. On my own time, I like to visit museums, botanical gardens, and historical locations. Basically, I like to travel and sight see. If I had the money, I would do this all of the time and travel further than just a day trip from Houston.

Congratulations to the Children's Book Week Winners!

The winners have been chosen for the 2015 Children's Book Week drawing. 
• The infant - toddler prize was won by Eliza; at only two weeks old she must be one lucky little girl. What are the chances?

• The Pre-school level prize was won by Henry; He will be sharing his books, and other goodies with his big brother, Robert.

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Enter your child in a drawing to win a book tote that is filled with books and other goodies!