FREE Computer Classes Week of April 30th 2012

FREE computer classes this week!!
Monday 4 pm - Basic Computers
Tuesday 10 30 am MS Excel
Tuesday 4 pm MS Word
Wednesday 11 am MS word
Wednesday 5 pm Basic Computers
Thursday 3 pm Internet
Thursday 7 pm MS word
Saturday 12 noon MS Excel
Saturday 3 pm Basic Computers


Book Sale

The book sale was a rousing success!! Thanks to all who came and participated, especially our volunteers! I hope everyone is home enjoying their treasures! Look for our next sale in September!

Bluejeans for Babies 2012

Participants in the 2012 March of Dimes Blue jeans for Babies Promotion

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We Have New Furniture!


We now have new computer tables and chairs! If you come to the library to use our computers, but have not been in lately, we now have new chairs and tables for you! So if you have the time, come in and see our new computer layout.