Bluejeans for Babies 2012

Participants in the 2012 March of Dimes Blue jeans for Babies Promotion

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We Have New Furniture!


We now have new computer tables and chairs! If you come to the library to use our computers, but have not been in lately, we now have new chairs and tables for you! So if you have the time, come in and see our new computer layout.

It's Halloween at the Library!


It's Halloween at the Library! If you have not been to Octavia Fields Library this October, you must stop by and see all of the wonderful decorations.

The staff here at Octavia Fields want the library to be a place that not only provide excellent resources, but also a upbeat and pleasant environment to enjoy for all patrons. So come and enjoy, our story time, adult book club, computer classes, decorations, and more!

Volunteers needed!

Hi Everybody! We're in need of a few good volunteers for the week of October 17th. If you're interested, please call us at 281-446-3377 or you can email me at