Summer Fun Week of July 5-7 at Octavia Fields

Tue July 5 @ 2:30 - Teen Craft - NinjasSRP
Wed July 6 @ 2:30 - Project Flying WILD - Birds
Thu July 7 @ 2:30 - CRAFT for Pre-school Age Children 3-5 - Tangrams

Tue July 5 @ 2:30
Teen Craft - Ninjas
Ready to create some stealthy crafts? We will be making pipe cleaner ninjas and ninja bookmarks. This program is for ages 11-18.

Event Type: Young Adult/Teen Program
Age Group(s): Teens
Date: 7/5/2016
Start Time: 2:30 PM
End Time: 3:45 PM

Wed July 6 @ 2:30
Project Flying WILD - Birds

Come see a Jesse Jones Park presentation on the area's wild birds.

Pay for College WITHOUT Going Broke!

Tuesday June 28 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm **CORRECTED START TIME**

Join us for a special workshop provided by The College Money Guys - "Paying for College Without Going Broke"


Summer Fun Week of June 20-25 at Octavia Fields


Mon June 20 @ 2:30 PM Movie "The Good Dinosaur"
Tue June 21 @ 2:30 PM Teen Program - Minute 2 Win It Games
Wed June 22 @ 2:30 PM Thomas the Snake Man FIRST SHOWING
Wed June 22 @ 3:30 PM Thomas the Snake Man SECOND SHOWING
Wed June 22 @ 4:30 PM Read It & Eat It Adult Book Club
Thu June 23 @ 2:30 PM CRAFT for Pre-school Age Children 3-5
Fri June 24 @ 1:30 PM Healthy Kids Tour

Mon June 20 @ 2:30 PM
Movie Matinee
"The Good Dinosaur"

Join us for a family friendly movie. Free water and popcorn provided by the Movie Tavern in Deerbrook Commons

Healthy Kids Tour

Fruit and vegetable bicycle

Come and join the Healthy Kids Tour on Friday, June 24, at 1;30 pm.  Children and parents are invited to take part in a journey through healthy lifestyle changes with fun, hands-on activities.

Learn about the importance of good health through whole food nutrition, effects of sugar, fat, the importance of a healthy breakfast, hydration, motion, label reading and much more.

Fun with Furry Friends

Child reading with dogOctavia Fields Library is proud to announce a new program at your library.  Wrap your paws around a good book with these fabulous furry friends.  

Faithful Paws will be here on the third Saturday of each month at 3pm.  

School age children (5-12) are invited to read aloud their favorite picture books to the certified therapy dogs from Faithful Paws. 

Join us for a tail wagging good time on Saturday, June 18th.   For more information, please contact the library.