Building Life Skills – Sewing a Button November 9th @ 5 PM [7+]

     “A stitch in time will save you nine,” was a common phrase during the Depression and the ensuing War effort. The first session of our Building Life Skills Series is going to basic stitches to repair clothing and cloth items, including sewing on a button.

     Please join us in the Library Community Room at 5 PM on November 9th at the Parker Williams Library to learn something new.


For more books about sewing (Click Here):

Be the Peace, Be the Hope November 4th @ 4:30 PM [8+]

      The Harris County Public Library has partnered with the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts in support of their Be the Peace, Be the Hope Educational and Healing Arts program (

     Children are welcome to come in and create messages of hope for refugees across the world.

Movie Madness – The Jungle Book (PG) 105 min. November 3rd @ 4:00 PM [10+]


      “After a threat from the tiger Shere Khan forces him to flee the jungle, a man-cub named Mowgli embarks on a journey of self discovery with the help of panther, Bagheera, and free spirited bear, Baloo.” –

     Please join us in the Library Community Room on November 3rd at 4:00 PM at the Parker Williams Branch.



Plants of the Bible

Join Jean Fefer, Harris County Master Gardener with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services, next Saturday, November 5, at 10:30 a.m. for a talk on "Plants of the Bible." Learn about plants referred to in the Bible, including some familiar plants and some that are new and interesting, and learn about uses of many of them in Biblical times. Please register on our events calendar or call us at 281-484-2036.

Crystal City: America's only World War II family internment camp

Learn about an often forgotten chapter of U.S. and Texas history in a talk at 3 p.m. this Thursday by Dr. Abbie Grubb, history professor at San Jacinto College, about life in the U.S. during World War II, both in and out of internment camps, for people of Japanese and German descent.