Now On To Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Now that I'm officially qualified to serve as a member of the children's services staff of the Harris County Public Library system (Please see my Harry Potter blog entry), I decided to embark on a second quest by reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

And Speaking of Harry Potter...

And speaking of the Harry Potter books, what's up with Hermione?

Two things bothered me about Hermione while reading the books. Firstly, what's up with that name? Every time I read it, I had to pause to attempt to remember the pronunciation. In fact, I didn't quite get it until about Book 6, despite my co-workers' pronunciation reminders. I'm sure the author, J.K. Rowling, probably included a pronunciation explanation early in the series, but it somehow didn't sink in. Finally, later in the series, Ron develops a habit of saying "Er-my-nee," which greatly sped my reading.

Am I Official Yet?

OK. I admit it. Until recently, I had not read any of the Harry Potter books. In fact, I had only seen the first movie (on TV, after falling asleep in the middle of the movie on my first couple of attempts to watch it). I still haven't seen any of the other movies, but now I can report I have read all seven of the books.

You see, shortly after I began working as a Children's Assistant here at Parker Williams, my associates in children's services expressed shock that I had not read the Harry Potter books. After admitting this serious deficit in my training, I embarked on a mission to read the novels. Did I mention there are seven of them? And they are big?

It was fun. The books are well written, the characters are intriguing and the plot is fast-paced enough it was hard to put the books down. I would recommend them to anyone young or old who enjoys fantasy or science fiction. Now where's my gold star?

March Computer Classes

You can begin signing up for March computer classes on Monday, February 15th. Call or visit the reference desk to sign up. Don't delay, space is limited!

Gone Fishin'

Today's drizzly morning must have been a good fishing day along the Beamer Ditch here in Southeast Houston.

My osprey was back, this time on the Parker Williams side of the ditch about half a block northwest of the library. A flock of egrets was gathered another couple of blocks away toward the Beltway, eying the murky water with visions of breakfast in their heads. I usually see one or two egrets along the ditch on my way to work, but today about half a dozen were gathered. The cormorants that usually perch above the creek were gone today.