Santa Claus is Coming to the Library

Grab your cameras and head to the library Tuesday, Dec. 1, when Santa will pose for pictures with fans of all ages. The jolly old elf is scheduled to arrive at 6:30 pm to meet Parker Williams customers who want to share their wish lists or just say "hello."

December Computer Classes

You can begin signing up for December computer classes on Monday, November 16th. Call or visit the reference desk to sign up. Don't delay, space is limited!

Soar to Adventure with Movie Madness

This week's Movie Madness feature is about an accidental stowaway and an old man who fly off to the wilds after the man sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream of adventure by tying thousands of helium balloons to his home. The animated movie is rated PG. We will show the movie at 4 pm Thursday, Nov. 12. Admission is free.

Don't Know What to Read Next? Try This

Looking for something new to read? Tired of the same old (insert favorite genre here ... mystery, western, sci-fi, romance, graphic novel)?

Help Me Find This Book

Sometimes I get a reference question I just can't figure out. One of those questions resurfaced this week when a customer asked me, "Did you ever figure out the title of that book I asked you and your librarian friends about months ago?"

Uh, no.

The customer is looking for a book he read 20 or so years ago that may or may not have been a school assignment. The book is about a librarian in an American frontier town who tries to bring culture to the townsfolk. They make progress, but then revert to their heathen ways. So I searched our on-line catalog again, to no avail. What I did find, however, were a disturbing number of murder mysteries involving librarians. Too much shushing over the years? Too little shushing lately? Who knows?

Anyway, the point is ... I need help! Has anyone read this book before? If so, please send me the title.

Thanks bunches.