Game Day

Join us at 4 pm this Thursday for Game Day at Parker Williams. Game days are a chance for school-aged children and their chaperones to play board games together and with other children. Tickets are not required.

When You Wish Upon a Rock...

Join us for Movie Madness at 4 pm this Thursday, Feb. 25, when we will show a movie about a rock that grants wishes when it falls from the sky. As the rock bounces from person to person around a suburban town, wishes come true in the weirdest ways and kids must find a way to save the town from itself. The movie is rated PG.

Blast to the Past

Come check out "Books for All – Free for All," our display featuring pictures from the early days of Harris County Public Library. Get a peek at library services from 1921-1939. Photos provided by the Harris County Archives.


Now On To Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Now that I'm officially qualified to serve as a member of the children's services staff of the Harris County Public Library system (Please see my Harry Potter blog entry), I decided to embark on a second quest by reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

And Speaking of Harry Potter...

And speaking of the Harry Potter books, what's up with Hermione?

Two things bothered me about Hermione while reading the books. Firstly, what's up with that name? Every time I read it, I had to pause to attempt to remember the pronunciation. In fact, I didn't quite get it until about Book 6, despite my co-workers' pronunciation reminders. I'm sure the author, J.K. Rowling, probably included a pronunciation explanation early in the series, but it somehow didn't sink in. Finally, later in the series, Ron develops a habit of saying "Er-my-nee," which greatly sped my reading.