How to handle college costs

If you or a family member has plans for college (or attend now), and finances are a concern – and they always are -- this Houston Money Week 2014 program has important information about costs and ways to save.

Join Christopher Hensley of the Society for Financial Awareness here on Saturday, April 5, from 2 to 3 p.m. to discuss the following topics:
• How to address the high cost of college
• Developing a college investment plan
• The new Educational IRA
• Maximizing financial aid
• Investment alternatives

March book discussion: Book of Ages - The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin

You know about Ben.  He was a printer, scientist, and served the American revolution in many ways.  Book of Ages: the Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin is about his younger sister.  She married at 15 and was mother of 12 children.  She also loved to read, wrote numerous letters to Ben, and offered her own political opinions in her later years.  Despite the loss of many of Jane’s letters, author Jill Lepore brings her story to life.  Library Journal review: “This book is an important, inspiring portrait of a determined and faith-filled woman who just happened to be the sister of a big shot.” Join us on March 27 at 2:30 to talk about her life.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

On Friday, March 7th, we will be having a birthday celebration in honor of Theodor Geissel (Dr. Seuss).  Join us for some crafts, cake, and fun.

For children of all ages.

After-School Valentine's Craft Party

Come make a candy gram for someone special on Thursday 2/13 at 4PM in the Community Room.  All materials will be provided.  For inquiries call 281-484-2036.


1001 Books Before Kindergarten

Studies have shown that families who start reading aloud to their children at birth help to strengthen their language skills and building vocabulary. The program is designed to help prepare your child for kindergarten by developing these skills.

It sounds like a lot of books, but if you read only three books a day, you will be done in just about a year!

For a log, come to Toddler Time on Thursdays at 10:30AM, Storytime on Wednesdays at 10:30AM, the Reference Desk, or go to the Kids site on HCPL's website to print off your own. Books read at programming count, too!
When you complete a log, bring it to the Children’s Librarian to have it dated and to get a log for the next level.
Continue on with each book log until your child has completed the program!

For questions call 281-484-2036.

Happy reading!