Create that Resume

This Wednesday, Jan. 13th from 10 AM to Noon, Workforce Solutions will present a job search seminar on RESUMES.  Learn to develop a professional resume that will match your skills and experience to the job and employer you are looking for, also learn how to complete an application for employment thoroughly, accurately, and neatly.

Movie Madness

Join us this Thursday for a flick about a team of specially trained guinea pigs sent to stop a villain who plans to take over the world with household appliances. The 4 pm movie is rated PG. As always, it's free!


Harris County Libraries Serve as Warming Centers

Residents seeking shelter from the frigid temperatures can head to their local library.  All 25 Harris County branch libraries will open at 9 am on Friday, January 8 and Saturday, January 9 to serve as warming centers for the public. 

Closing hours will vary depending on the branch.

Hawk Watching

Lately, I've been amusing myself on my commute to and from my home in Fort Bend County by counting the hawks I see along the way.

"Hawks?," you ask with a mixture of confusion and awe (or boredom, depending on whether you're a screen person or a nature person). Yes hawks. The record so far is six on the way home on New Years Eve -- one on Beamer Road between the library and the beltway, four on the beltway, and one at my exit. The one at my exit actually is kind of sad, because before Christmas there were always two there, and my family this week spotted a large pile of feathers on the freeway matching the couple's coloration.

Christmas Crafts

Costumed crafterSeveral Christmas trees will sport beautiful, hand-crafted ornaments for years to come thanks to the talented children and parents who participated in our Christmas craft time in December. We used model magic, yarn and glitter to create stockings, wreaths, candy canes and more.