A Look Back in Time

Bill JamersonBill Jamerson, presented a very enjoyable program about the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps.  The stories of the young men who worked long days during the Depression were a glimpse into that difficult time.

Dollar-A-Day Boys!

Dollar A Day Boys, Bill Jamerson, CCC, Cibilian Conservation CorpsBook talk and musical tribute to the Civilian Conservation Corps.  When: Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2pm.  Presented by PBS documentary producer and author Bill Jamerson.  Learn about the young men who signed up to work in this federal works program created by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression.


Santa's Visit

Santa's visitSanta's visit produced smiles and great pictures.  Snacks and crafts rounded out the day.


Home for the holidays?  Now is the time to put together your list of questions for family members. You may be pleasantly surprised what other family members know.  Later you can research your family through the Harris County databases.  Heritage Quest is available online with your library card.  In the library you can research through Ancestry.