Teen Movie Day

Teen MovieBring a friend and come to enjoy a recent PG-13 movie.  Date: Thursday August 2 at 3:00pm.  Snacks will be provided.


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Stories by the Campfire

Miss Donna at CampfireCampfire StorytimeWhat can be more fun than stories around the campfire.  Preschool Storytime enjoyed their campout!

Ronald McDonald Makes It Magic!

Ronald MacDonaldYour favorite clown, Ronald McDonald will delight you with this fun-filled magic show!  Date: Wednesday, August 1, Time: 2:00pm and repeated at 3:00pm.  Ages 5 and up.  50 tickets will be given out 30 minutes before each show.


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Greyhounds Are Coming!

GreyhoundsCome and meet these beautiful and gentle dogs!  Find out about their lives as racers.  Presented by Greyhound Pets of America.  Date: Wednesday, July 25, 3:00pm.  Ages 4 and up.  50 tickets will be given out 30 minutes before the program. 

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Red Riding Entertains All

Red Riding ReadsEveryone enjoyed the many characters in the tale told in Red Riding Reads.