Pizza Party Goin' On!

It was the best pizza party ever! Jump rope, gigantic flying pizzas, and hula hoops were made with pizza dough. Presented by Domino's Pizza.   Thursday, July 8, 3pm. Children ages 8 and up.  50 tickets will be available thirty minutes before the show.  All children must be able to sit though the show without an adult.  Upcoming: Marsha's Petting Zoo,  Tuesday, July 13, 10-12am.

Spring Branch-Memorial Library -- Page Turners

Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind

Title to be discussed:  Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, by Ann B. Ross.  Date of meeting: Tuesday, July 13, 6:30pm.  Summary: Wealthy widow of a minister learns to speak her mind.  The book is funny, light-hearted and fast paced.

Balloon Figures

Hope you enjoyed learning to create amazing animals with ordinary balloons.   Presented by Clown Houston.  July 1, 3pm. 

Variety Show

The fun-filled Variety Show was on Thursday June 24, 10:30am.   Upcoming: ClownHouston will create amazing animals with balloons, July 1, 3 pm.  Ages 6 and up.