Storytime in the New Year

Happy New Year Highlands! In case you are wondering, storytimes are the same for 2011.

Baby - 10:15

Toddler - 10:40

Bantam of the Opera

It's time for another performance by the Houston Opera to Go!  Join us at the Highlands Community Center next Monday, January 3rd at 10 am for "Bantam of the Opera."

Bantam of the Opera by Mary Jane Auch
"Luigi is a country rooster who loves singing along with the opera he hears on the radio.  When he sneaks a ride into the city hoping to see a live performance, the star of the show catches a bad case of chicken pox and threatens to cancel the performance!  Could this be Luigi's big break? " (taken from the Storybook Opera Website)

This event is open to all ages and is free to all in attendance. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


HCPL's Digital Library has many eBooks, music and movies that can be downloaded and "checked out" for free. If you are thinking of buying someone a gift, or will be receiving a gift, or already own one of the many devices that accepts digital downloads, you might want to check to see if it is compatible to the HCPL's available downloads.


In these economic times when we all are feeling the crunch, we still want to give during this time of year. Besides the ever present needs for volunteers in our community, there are our friends and loved ones that we want to remember with gifts in special ways. Let's get 'old fashioned'. Go find the scissors, glue, needle and thread, all the almost finished craft projects, the sparkles and bangles and create something personal for each one on your list.

Family Storytime: Para Los Ninos!

It's time again for our monthly family workshop/storytime: Para Los Ninos! It will be held during our normal toddler storytime this Thursday at 10:40 am.  The theme is "Raise a Reader." If you are curious as to what activities we will do, they can be viewed here , on page 15. 

The Para Los Ninos workshops are structured in such a way as to allow parents and children plenty of time after the storytime to participate in and rotate through several activity stations.

See you there!