Having trouble finding enough time to help your library? We have some quick ways you could help us out! When you check out your items, pick up  a list of things you can bring with you the next time you come in. The list is of items needed for the children's activities this summer. When you return your items to Stratford Library, bring your used ink cartridges and old cell phones for us to recycle. We have a display cabinet where we can show off some of your collections. Talk to someone at the desk to set up a date for the display. We can always use help decorating, bulletin boards, shelving, some light cleaning and many other activities that pop up where we could use extra hands and minds.

Happy Lunar New Year! Upcoming Storytime Craft

Happy Lunar New Year! This next Thursday, February 3rd is the first day of the new year according to the lunar calendar, which is followed in many places throughout the world, including China. In order to mark this occasion, we will be making a "fierce paper dragon" during toddler storytime next week.

Little Red Hen

Hello!  Next week at Toddler Storytime, we will be reading The Little Red Hen by Byron Barton and making our own little red hens in a related craft. Please join us on Thursday at 10:40 a.m.!


Don't be uptight about filing your income tax. Representatives from AARP will be at the Stratford Library every Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. beginning February 1, 2011 through April 12 to help you file your taxes for free. Bring 2009 income tax papers and your 2010 papers you need for filing this year. This safe and secure way of receiving help will alleviate any worries you may have. Your taxes will be e-filed for you and you will receive a print-out copy of them.


It's a new year! It's a time to re-evaluate our lives, make changes, start something new and many other things. One thing I find myself constantly needing to pay attention to is clutter. The library is full of books on this subject that will help you get started with cleaning out the clutter. Be sure to check out our display of books on this subject. Did you know that it is only when you start clearing it out, you will feel much better without it. It frees up the energy in your home and releases new vitality in your body. You can think more clearly and life decisions become easier. Join me this year in becoming energized and freed from the snags of clutter.