Wowbrary Keeps You Up to Date (plus this week's events at Stratford!)

Ever wonder what new books or cds have been recently added to the library collection? Don't have time to browse the individual categories on our website? Or are you a visual person who is drawn in by the cover art? Take a second to check out Wowbrary. Here is a description of Wowbrary's service:

"Wowbrary is a nonprofit service that sends you free weekly emails featuring your public library's most recent acquisitions. We started Wowbrary because we were thrilled when we saw all the wonderful new books, DVDs, and CDs our local library acquires each week, and wanted everyone to discover how great their library is too." (see picture above of email sample)


So cool and refreshing for this summer heat! Try making smoothies! They are healthy, help increase the variety of fruit you eat each day and are so yummy! Be refreshed and stay cool.


Are you dragging your feet getting ready for hurricane season? How do you feel about another one coming so soon after Hurricane Ike? Are you like me and don't want to face it? It seems like I don't have enough energy to think about it, get prepared or even to go through another one. A lot of this comes from post traumatic syndrome. Check out some helpful books that can help with this situation. Meanwhile, pick up the new free hurricane preparedness materials at the library.



Summer is officially here! Are you ready? Do you have plans? What are you going to do? Are you bored already?


Isaac Huggins

Stratford's Reader Nation Summer Reading Program for adults is off to a good start. We have 31 registered of which 6 have already completed the minimum amount of books read! Have you registered yourself yet? Just go to and find on the left of the page the place to register. Don't forget - a minimum of 4 books; either read or an audio book will make you eligible for 4 random drawings of all readers.