Para Los Ninos

Please join us this Saturday at noon for this month's Para Los Ninos family program! We will be reading several stories, followed by time for parents to participate in activities with their children. The theme is "Raise a Reader," and we hope you can make it!


Allow you child to volunteer and they will broaden their humanitarian sensitivity and be more balanced. They will grow into generous givers and strong leaders. Help find ways your child can volunteer in your neighborhood or the community. Greg Mortenson, author of "Three Cups of Tea", "Stones into Schools" and "Listen to the Wind", encourages children to look for needs around them and then find a way to volunteer their time and gifts to help make a difference in the world.


If you come and visit us for storytime this week, we will be opening up a pumpkin to check out the seeds and the goo. We will talk about seeds and what grows from them. If you have any interesting seeds at home you would like to show and tell about, please feel free to bring them.  See you there!

Baby Time: 10:15 am

Toddler Time 10:45 am


Volunteer work builds character in young children. They learn to practice that it is better to give than to receive. Children under 18 years also observe those less fortunate than themselves and have more gratitude and appreciation for parents and their own life circumstances. They will gain ideas about social equality and future jobs that can address the problems they witness in their childhood. For ideas on volunteer opportunities, from babysitting to opening up your own soup kitchen for the homeless, look in our catalog.

Halloween at Stratford!

Boo!  It's almost time for Halloween, and in order to celebrate, we will be having a special baby and toddler time next Thursday, October, 28th. So wear your costumes, dress your children up and feel free to bring special snacks (individually wrapped please). We have plenty of trick or treat bags for children to use, or if you would like to bring your own, that is fine too.

We will have time for stories, songs, rhymes and such before trick or treating around the library. This will not be a super scary time. We are aiming for a fun and lighthearted Halloween/Harvest party. It also might be a good idea to talk to your child about costumes before coming, in case they are nervous to see others not looking quite like themselves.