Modern-day slave trade, called human trafficking, is the fastest-growing form of organized crime. It affects men, women, boys and girls. Awareness needs to be raised among all of this to help prevent the sale of people, protect the victims and prosecute the traffickers. Our focus center at the library has more information about this fast-growing problem that is all around us. Go to our catalog and check out our books on this subject. There are many small things that all of us can do to help in stopping this crime.

Dr. Seuss Was Here

This past week in Toddler Storytime, we paid a tribute to Dr. Seuss with the book Green Eggs and Ham. We looked at various green vegetables, passed out green (boiled) eggs, and drank phosphorescent green punch. We made some bagel bird feeders for everyone to hang in their yards. Also, since it was one child's birthday his wonderful mom treated us all to green cupcakes! Toddler Storytime is open to all toddlers and their caregivers. Younger siblings may also attend as able/needed.







We celebrate with Mexico their 200 years of their Independence day September 16, 1810 from Spain. The United States is enriched with the varieties and intertwinings of cultures since our existence. The Stratford Library is joining in this celebration with a display of books by Hispanic authors. Step out of your reading box and explore one of these books that transport you into the colorful Hispanic culture and excitement.

Copy, Paste, and Print!

 Does your child ever have a school report that requires a trip to the library? We just wanted to let you know that we're here for you. We have had a number of children in this past week asking for assistance.

Whenever your child has a school report that brings you to the library, we have the following recommendations:

-Please try to come at least three days in advance of the due date. While we love last minute chaos as much as anyone, it can't hurt to come in sooner. 

-Keep in mind that our computers will log off about ten minutes before we close, so what seems like an hour, is really only going to be about 45 minutes..

-Black and white copies are ten cents each and color costs 50 cents. Color copies will also require extra assistance on our part, so please plan accordingly with the time.

Boats Boats Boats

Rescheduled for Thursday, September 23rd!! -Join us for a storytime themed by boats! We will read some fun little stories and make a boat related craft, perhaps similar to this one here. (Who are we kidding? Our library is not large enough!) We will, however, have a great time. So please join us if you have a toddler or baby.



Babytime - 10:15

Toddler Time - 10:40