Plan Your Summer Excursions Early

Want to keep the cost of vacations down this summer? How about exploring our beautiful State! There are all kinds of events and tours that cost very little to no cost that you can do, even here in Houston. The cost would involve only the price of gas.


This week in storytime, in addition to our usual songs, stories and fingerplays, we will be making little shakers for a craft. Please join us!

Also, we have received our calendars for the 2010 Texas Summer Reading Program. Come and pick one up today!



Want to Learn and Try a New Craft?

Ready to try something new in the line of crafts? Something that is fun, fairly easy, for all ages and inexpensive? I recommend that you try Quilling! What is Quilling? The history of Quilling goes at least as far back as the 1600's. It was revived in the 1800's and the Renaissance. Now it has come back again and is here to stay.

What Books Do Other People Read and Like?

Have you wondered what other people like to read? Want to expand your reading to other genres? There is a new display in front of the circulation desk with the most checked out books at Stratford Library in April. In June we will display the most checked out books in May. Several of our customers have already chosen their books from this display and we are challenged to keep it supplied. We love the challenge. We also know you will find some good reads there - so check it out!        Photograph: David Levene

SNAPSHOT DAY at the Library

Be sure to come to the library Thursday, May 6 to take part in Snapshot Day. Anytime you come will be fine. We want to take snapshots of lots of activities that happen in our library. The purpose is to show people in the state of Texas the value of libraries in people's lives. Come share with us your library "stories" along with your hopes and dreams for the future of libraries. How have libraries benefited you in the past and how do they help you today? Remember... anytime Thursday, May 6!