Start a New Activity This Summer - with the Whole Family!

Geocaching is a fairly new sport or game that an individual or a whole family can enjoy. Almost anyone can find some appeal in geocaching: for the gadget hound, electronics; for puzzle fans, mental challenges; for outdoor enthusiasts, hiking, boating, climbing, and diving; and for parents, a chance to get kids away from video screens and have them burn off some energy. Geocaching is part treasure hunt and part outdoor exploration. You use a gps and the internet to get started. Then the treasure hunt begins! Get some books at the library to help you learn. People of all ages play...any time of year and anywhere in the world. So, get on your feet, out the door, and start looking and try out geocaching this summer! There are 3 caches right here in Highlands! Let us know how it goes!

It's Just About Time...

With hurricane season starting next week, here are some hurricane related titles currently located at Stratford. 

For the littler ones, you might be interested in reading Hurricane Wolf by Diane Paterson.


If you are 18 years old or older, you are eligible to register for ReaderNation: ,the adult summer reading program online starting June 4 through August 7. If you are a reader already, just keep track of the books you read and let them count! By reading a minimum of 4 books...and surely you can do that in two and a half will be entered into several drawings for bookstore gift cards of various amounts. Stratford library has had three winners in the past; Kim Ynfante and Nan Smith and Sue Campbell. Maybe you will be a winner this year! Stratford Branch were the top winners out of 26 libraries in the percentage of completion of reading the minimum required books last summer. What can we do this summer? Don't forget to sign up online. If you need help doing this, ask us at the circultation desk.

Plan Your Summer Excursions Early

Want to keep the cost of vacations down this summer? How about exploring our beautiful State! There are all kinds of events and tours that cost very little to no cost that you can do, even here in Houston. The cost would involve only the price of gas.


This week in storytime, in addition to our usual songs, stories and fingerplays, we will be making little shakers for a craft. Please join us!

Also, we have received our calendars for the 2010 Texas Summer Reading Program. Come and pick one up today!