Domino's Pizza - Part II

For those of you who weren't able to make it to the initial scheduled visit of Domino's Pizza due to the torrential downpour that day, take note!  Domino's was unable to make it that day for the pizza party, and they have rescheduled for this Thursday at 3:30 pm.  (Ages 8 and up) 

So please stop by to learn how to make pizza, toss some dough, and of course, sample the pizza for yourself~

Let us know you are coming, and we'll see you there!


Call Jen at 281-426-3521



3:30 pm




Many of us look for activities or groups to join to give our lives more quality and to just keep us going. I love it when I find something that is out of the ordinary! It catches your eye, your interest and often...your involvement! The Stratford Library was recently visited by a group that I could very easily join and be a part of. I may not be a polished player, may not be able to keep pitch very well, but this group would certainly keep me going!

Community Meeting - Highlands!

In case you have ever been concerned about water pollution in Highlands, be sure not to miss the community meeting this Saturday, July 17th.  It will be held at Highlands United Methodist Church, 107 W Houston St. at 2pm. The meeting was originally scheduled to be held at Stratford, but, due to space issues, is moving just down the road. 

The meeting will be concerning the cleanup of the San Jacinto River Waste Pits Cleanup. You will learn of ways you can be involved in the cleanup process as well as how to protect yourself from potential health risks.


For more information contact:




In today's world we are bombarded with and allured by heaps of information that comes to us via radio, television, and the internet - especially e-mails. We need to be more aware and careful before passing on misinformation to others. Recently, there is an e-mail being passed around about the signers of the Declaration of Independence that is embellished with a lot of fiction. Check out the facts before adding to the problem of spreading misinformation any further.

Ferrets and Fish

This week at Stratford, we hope you and your children will come visit!

Today, at 2pm, we will host the "Stinky Fish" program, where children and adults will learn about the ecosystem in Galveston Bay. ALSO, the presenters from Texas Parks and Wildlife will be bringing along some frozen sharks, rays, and other specimens that the children will be able to see and touch. (followed by hand sanitizer :)

Thursday, at 2pm, Gail and Jimi Hummel of the Houston Area Ferret Association will be visiting us, bringing several of their ferret friends as well.

Be sure not to miss either one!