St. Patrick's Day Storytime


Yesterday morning at storytime, we made special St. Patrick's Day shamrock wands. Don't miss next week's storytime! We will sing songs, do fingerplays and read stories around the central theme of farms and farmers. The craft will be Old MacDonald's farm, which you can then take home and be able to sing along to with your children. Hope to see you there!

Spring Has Sprung: Seven ways to leap into Spring!

   Oh happy Spring! So many things to do when the weather turns nice. 1) Getting out and digging in the dirt to plant flowers, trees and vegetables is a wonderful exercise after our winter hibernation.

Keep Track of Stocks and Bonds from your Home

Value Line can now be accessed from your home computer! No longer do you have to make a trip to the library to read your favorite financial newsletter. Just go to our website under databases to find it. Hopefully this will help you keep even a closer watch on your investments.  

Para Los Ninos Program - this Thursday at Stratford!

This Thursday at 5pm we will be hosting our monthly "Para Los Ninos" parent/child workshop and storytime.  The program was created by a partnership of the Children's Museum and Houston Public Library. We will be exploring the theme of "Loving Limits" and how to live them out with your child. There will be a storytime, mini-workshop, and three or four fun activities. Please join us!

Production of the Model-T Ford Ends and the Stratford Library Begins

May 1927, the Highlands community gathered together 159 books and the Harris County librarian opened the library in Highlands as one of the first 16 libraries in the county. The first month, these 159 books circulated 328 times! Almost 83 years later this same library, now known as the Stratford Branch, owns around 26,000 items and the circulation was 4,518 times in the month of February. Come on into the library to see historical pictures of the history of the library in past years. Add to this history with stories you can remember when you were a child and visited the library.