Dinosaurs and their Diets program

     Dr. Neal Immega - local paleontologist - will talk to children about what dinosaurs ate at a program on Wednesday July 6 at 3 PM.  Dr. Neal brings lots of fossils and artifacts to bring his dinosaur tales to life. Each child attending will get to take home a shark tooth.


This program is for children ages 5  to 12 years.     

May the Force be with you !

                     Teens and Pre-Teens will be treated to a showing of Star Wars - The Force Awakens on Tuesday June 28 at 3 PM.  This program will be in the auditorium of the senior center next door to the Library.  There will be snack foods available to help viewers enjoy the movie.


This program is for children ages 10 - 15 years.

Science Experiments at the Library

Miss Donna will demonstrate simple science experiments at a
program Wednesday Julne 29 at 3 PM.  Children - ages 5 years and older will learn about science in a fun way and take home experiment ideas to try at home. 
Children ages 5 to 12 years and caregivers are welcome.

Fun crafts at the Library

      Children ages 5 - 12 years can join the crafting fun at the West University Library this Wednesday at 3 PM.  We will make silly monster book marks, string colored cereal for a medal necklace and put together an Olympic-type pin - like athletes trade.  All supplies are provided  You supply the fun !


Healthy Snacks to Make Yourself

Children can learn to make some healthy snacks at a program Wednesday June 15 at 3 PM.  We'll have supplies available to make ants on a log, apple slices for dipping and trail mix.  There will be peanuts involved in 2 of the snacks. For those people with peanut allergies, we will offer a peanut-free alternative.


This program is for children ages 5 to 12 years and will be upstairs in the children's section.