Birds show off at the Library

  Louis the parrot helped children recycle aluminum cans at the Downtown Aquarium  "Built for Survival" program Wednesday.  Children were treated to seeing a parrot, macaw, cockatoo, vulture and a skink.  All these animals have adapted over the centuries to survice.



YA program for teens

  Like a totally 80's party for Teens


Tweens and Teens  are invited to a library program exploring the feel, sights and sounds of the 80's on Tuesday June 18 at 3 PM.  This program is specifically for teens ages 10 and up.  It will be in a room next door at the Senior Center.


Like - be there !

Built to survive - Aquarium program

  Wednesday June 19 at 3 PM, Houston's Downtown Aquarium will bring an assortment of animals who have adapted over the years to survive.  This program is for children ages 5 years and up and will be held in the auditorium at the Senior Center next door.

Honey Dew the Clown at West U Library !

    Honey Dew the Clown will appear at the West University Library next Wednesday June 12 at 3 PM.  Be prepared for silliness, magic and possible surprises.  This program is for children of all ages.

Rainforest program started our summer

    Sandy from Moody Gardens engaged summer readers with interesting information and artifacts from the Moody Gardens Traveling Rainforest.  This started our our summer lineup.


Each child [ages 4 to 11 years] attending a program will receive a passport and a sticker for each program.  When the stickers are adhered to the passport pages, children wil be able to reflect back on the various countries and cultures they visited this summer.