Origami for Families

cranesLearn how to create beautiful origami shapes with Christy Chang.  Bring the family and spend some time discovering the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.  

Tuesday May 7, at 3:30-5:00 pm.

Please call the West University library at 713-668-8273, for more information.

Computer Classes at WU in May

Sign up for a free computer class in May.  Call us at 713-668-8273, if  you would like to register for a class.

Computer Basics 5/1, at 2:00 pm - Computer Basics PRACTICE 5/1, at 3:30 pm

Beginner Excel 5/8, at 2:00 pm-Intermediate Excel 5/8, at 3:30 pm 

Facebook Part 1, 5/15, at 2:00 pm-Facebook Part 2, 5/15, at 3:30 pm

Beginner Email Part 1, 5/22, at 2:00 pm-Beginner Email Part 2, 5/22, at 3:30 pm

Computer Basics 5/29, at 2:00 pm-Computer Basics PRACTICE 5/29, at 3:30 pm

West University Book Club-Selection for May 2

Travels with CharleyTitle to be discussed: Travels with Charley, by John Steinbeck.  Wednesday May 2, at 11 a.m.  Review: “Pure delight, a pungent potpourri of places and people interspersed with bittersweet essays on everything from the emotional difficulties of growing old to the reasons why giant sequoias arouse such awe.” — The New York Times Book Review


Celebrate John Updike

Rabbit ReduxRabbit is RichRabbit, RunRabbit at Rest

Computer Classes at WU in April

Sign up for a free computer class in April.  Call us at 713-668-8273, if  you would like to register for a class.

How to Use Facebook Pt1 4/3, at  2:00 pm - How to Use Facebook Pt2 4/3, at 3:30 pm

Computer Basics 4/10, at 2:00 pm - Computer Basics PRACTICE 4/10, at 3:30 pm

Beginner Email Pt1 4/17, at 2:00 pm - Beginner Email Pt2 4/17, at 3:30 pm

Beginner Word 4/24, at 2:00 pm - Intermediate Word 4/24, at 3:30 pm