White Elephant Book Exchange

Here's how to have fun at Baldwin Boettcher this Saturday, December 12, at 1 pm:

Find a book you're willing to part with, wrap it in any kind of opaque paper, and bring it to our White Elephant Book Exchange.  This program puts a literary twist on the traditional white elephant party.  Who knows what you'll end up with?  We can promise it will be a surprise!

Please click calendar link to register or call the library at 281-821-1320.  We're looking forward to seeing you!

photo credit:  ©2015 Vital Imagery Ltd.

Texas Library Association READING LISTS are here!

Texas Library Association (TLA) reading lists have been officially announced.  Check them out here: http://www.txla.org/reading-lists

The Little Maverick’s are graphic novels for little kids.  This one is my favorite award section :)

Here is a breakdown of what the lists are:

TLA encourages reading at all ages with lists for children, teens, and adults. 

Butterflies are FREE!

In observance of City of Houston’s Citizenship Month, we had butterflies here at Baldwin Boettcher Branch. 

Our painted lady butterflies have emerged a few days ago and we have released them today into the beautiful Mercer Gardens. 

Their wings opened up beautifully in the sun and they left to explore the world freely.