African American Genealogy

Finding Your African American Ancestors



Do you want to find out more about your ancestors, but you aren’t really sure how to get started with the search?


Art By Popular Demand

We have heard your requests and will be offering another art class in the series.

DRAWING FROM PICTURES will be a three week long class during which we will learn different techniques of drawing and copying from photographs.

The ADULT Art program at Baldwin Boettcher Library will be held on
Wednesdays @ 6:30. March 4th, 11th and 18th
Materials needed: any size sketchbook and a photo of your choice to copy from.
Please register by calling 281-821-1320 or at the front desk.  Limit 10 AULTS.

Meet the Library Staff!



Welcome to the Meet the Library Staff Series.
We would like to introduce ourselves to you and let you know a few secrets about the Baldwin Boettcher  Library staff.  Once a month, we’ll introduce a little bit about ourselves and we’d love to learn about you!
In today’s post, let’s meet Mandy.

Masters of Suspense Book Club

Ruled Britannia


Do you ever wonder if the world could be different?