Mercer Botanic Gardens Reopened to the Public

Mercer Botanic  Gardens East Side reopened to the public on Wednesday, May 25th, after being closed for more than four weeks due to severe flood damage. Regular hours and programs have resumed. Due to potential hazards, visitors should avoid closed areas which include  the new Creekside Ramble, primitive loop trails, and Storey Lake  For additional information, please call Mercer's new number  713-274-4160 or visit them online at

Guitar Lessons

We're Cool For the Summer













We're looking for summer volunteers at our library!

Great Apps For Kids

In addition to our participation with Mensa's "Excellence In Reading" program, we are featuring games for kids that can be accessed through Mensa's website.

American Mensa Academy features intuitive games that teach patterns, review basic math questions, states and countries, English and grammar skills. The game series keeps a score and allows the player to keep track of their progress.

After testing the games, our favorite was Word Invasion:

 which teaches parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, etc.



If you haven't already, go and get your FREE comic book.  Participating locations listed here: