VoteHere's news you should know before you head out to vote this month. Barbara Bush Branch Library has been an early voting location for many in our community for decades. However, starting with the February early voting this year, the location has mioved to the Champion Forest Baptist Church multi-purpose building at 15555 Stuebner-Airline Drive. According to County Clerk Beverly Kaufman, "Due to the fact that the Barbara Bush Library has had the second highest voting turnout in Harris County, we have found it necessary to find larger accommodations."


True WomenTitle to be discussed: True Women, by Janice Woods Windle. Date of meeting: Thursday, Feb. 25, 1:30pm in the Earl Elliott meeting room [repeated Friday, Feb. 26, 2:30pm in the Women's Council of Realtors Conference Room]. Summary: This novel is about several generations of strong Texas women, based upon the lives of Windle's own ancestors. A tour of the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts will follow each discussion, including  the Wilson Potters exhibit.

Silly Science Fun for Kids 8 to 12! February 16, 2010

Sound of Music is the theme for next Tuesday afternoon's Silly Science adventure at 4:30pm in the Robin Bush Room.  Children will experiment and play with musical sounds and notes.  No vocalizing required unless you love to sing!  There is something for everyone during this fun filled learning experience.  Come join in the silliness!

Charles Criner, artist on display in Art Alcove in February

Charles Criner is the artist on display this month in the Art Alcove.  He writes about his work:  "I have often been accused of not drawing and painting enough pretty people and beautiful things. I believe that art in its truest state is not about what is pretty and what will look good with curtains and tables. Although many artist risk their livelihood by not painting such things.  I believe that art should have a voice of it own."  Come to the second floor of the library and  experience his art.