Thursday, November 5@10:00 am

Stand-alone class: Useful Tips for Using Smartphone Apps. Learn all about the world of Apps. Discover the best ones, learn how to download them and explore their features. We will discuss taking pictures with your phone, saving them and sharing them with friends and family.

Registration is on a first come first served basis. Registration opens 30 days prior to the class. Call 281-376-4610 to register. Class limited to 12 students. Class will fill up quickly.



Who Wants To Party?

If you haven’t noticed already, we are getting very close to Halloween and that means costumes, candy and party. Wait, did anyone say party? Oh yes! We are having a Halloween party for the kids at Barbara Bush Branch Library on October 27th at 4:30 PM. Please join us in the merriment and you can totally wear costumes if you like.

Ease of use means everything...

Contemporary American life is extremely busy and always on the go. Work commitments, family, friends, hobbies, pastimes, and a multitude of other activities that I cant fully list consume much of our day. Sometimes, the app technology we have access to can be anything but labor saving. I prefer my apps to be as accommodating as possible, that means the fewer steps the better.

Enter HOOPLA, one of my favorite library apps. The HOOPLA app downloaded quickly to my device (IPhone), the registration portion was quick & painless, and downloading content from HOOPLA is lightening fast. I use the HOOPLA app primarily for music, there many popular and smaller indy acts available for download. I use HOOPLA to build a quick and ready playlist whenever I'm faced with a long drive or a long weekend.