Senior Classic Movies

On Friday, July 10 at 10:00 we will show a film from 1942 starring Bing Crosby, Madge Evans and Louis Armstrong.

“A drifter befriends an orphaned girl and her grandfather in Middletown, New Jersey.”

Bubbles, Bubbles, Pop!

Can you believe that we are already a month into Summer Reading program and it is on a roll. Are you having fun at the library so far? ooh i love that wonderful response. I am glad you guys are because we hoped for that. The next station on the fun train is Bubble Party. Join us tomorrow, July 2nd @ 3 PM for "Bubble Party". It will be held out in the open and we truly are keeping our fingers crossed for a very good weather sans rain. See you then!

Special Computer Classes: Digital Photography

Digital Photography: July 8 @ 10:00 pm

Come and learn more about digital photography on Wednesday, July 8 at 10:00 in the Barbara Bush Library Friends Computer Lab. 

Dave will teach you how to get the most out of your digital camera. Come and find out how to upload pictures to Facebook to share with friends and family.

Do All Heroes Wear Capes?

Do you know all your heroes and superheroes? Can you name some? Batman, Superman, Spiderman and there's a long list, right? But did you know there are some heroes who do not wear capes and they don't have a fancy name. Some of them help us on an everyday basis such as doctors, teachers, veterans and even your parents. Come and join us on June 30th @ 3 PM to meet our very amazing Community Heroes.

Teen Writing Program

Come and talk to a local author about the creative writing process. 

Learn what it takes to get a book published. You will also be able to practice your writing skills.

Wednesday, June 24 @ 3:00 in the Earl Elliott Room on the first floor.