Computer Classes at Crosby

image of a tutor and a studentDo you want to learn how to send emails and use the internet but are uneasy around computers? Perhaps you may want to learn how to type a resume or search for jobs online but simply have no idea what a mouse is. Then fear no longer because your Crosby Branch Library is offering free computer classes starting!

Classes are one-on-one and last an hour. Sign up today to make an appointment! The sign up sheet is located at the front desk. Group classes will also be starting soon. If you have any questions, please call us at (281)328-3535

 Image courtesy  of Microsoft Clipart ©


This weekend, The Friends of the Crosby Branch Library will be having their used book sale. Don't miss this opportunity to get some incredible bargains on books!  The public is invited to shop on Friday, September 9th from 1pm - 6 pm, and Saturday, September 10th from 10am - 5pm.  There will be a wide variety of materials from which to select, including novels, cookbooks, audio visual items, magazines, children's and young adult materials, and much more!  Prices are as low as 25 cents per item, so you can buy for yourself and your friends.  Proceeds benefit Crosby Branch.     



A long time ago, I started a vegetable gardening project with a group of women.  Since there was no water nearby, the way we tended our individual plots was to draw water from an open well, and carry one bucket-full at a time to where the plants were.  Then, using a cup, each precious drop of liquid was meted out onto the soil immediately surrounding the seedlings.  This was a lot of work!  How much easier it would have been, if we had access to a faucet and a length of hose!