History Comes Alive At Evelyn Meador


Another Successful Iaido Demonstration at Evelyn Meador!

On May 17th the Evelyn Meador Library celebrated Asian American Heritage month with our forth Japanese Sword (Iaido) demonstration. It went great, with demonstrators displaying fascinating forms, proceeded by a little Samurai History and an explanation of the various arts to be demonstrated. There was a great turn out, and we hope to see even more at next year's event!




World War II Veteran Speaks

Seabrook resident and World War II veteran Birney T. Havey Jr. will speak on Tuesday, May 20 at 7 p.m. in the Evelyn Meador Library meeting room.  Mr. Havey will recount his experiences as a combat soldier while serving in three major war campaigns.  Do not miss this thrilling opportunity to experience living history!

Birney T. Havey Jr


Upcoming Iaido Demonstration!

Iaido, or Iaijutsu is the art of drawing the Japanese sword. It was one of the Japanese martial disciplines paramount in the education of the classical warrior (samurai). Emily Egan Sensei of Clear Lake Iaido (Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu), and Ash Welborn (Shin Shin Ryu Iaijutsu) will again demonstrate some of their different schools' unique styles as the Evelyn Meador Library celebrates Asian American History Month! The demonstration will be this Saturday (5/17/14) ,starting at 1pm in the meeting room.

Upcoming Western Movie Tie-in