Tomorrow's Craft - Homemade Bird Feeders!

For tomorrow's craft we'll be making a treat for our feathery friends (and probably some furry ones too), as we craft homemade bird feeders with only cardboard, peatnut butter, seed, and ribbon! Join us at 3pm in the meeting room!

Flickr CC: bird feeder below Photo by: Delta

Next Monday's STEAM Craft: Galaxy Bottle Necklaces!

In our next exciting STEAM craft, we'll be making out of this world galaxy bottle necklaces! Come join us in the meeting room Monday, 7/25 at 4:30pm and get creative with science!

This Coming Saturday: Aladdin! presented by the Hampstead Stage Company

Join us this Saturday at 11am in the Meeting Room as  the Hampstead Stage Company presents Aladdin! This classic tale is an exotic adventure based on The Tales of the Arabian Nights. It is about a poor young boy, Aladdin, who must go out and earn money for his family’s survival. While traveling throughout the country selling his wares, he is fooled by an evil magician, Salabin, who convinces him to find an antique oil lamp. Aladdin rubs the old lamp and releases a Genie that can make all his wishes come true. Now Aladdin must outsmart the magician and save his family! Through this play, we hope to encourage the students to rise above the odds and to follow their dreams.

Great to See our Furry and Feathery Friends Again!

Special thanks to Marsha's Petting Zoo for another great Summer Reading Program petting zoo day at the Evelyn Meador Library. We all look forward to our yearly visit and yesterday's was no exception! There's still lots of summer left, so get out of that heat, and stop by for a great book!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

We've got another great display up! This month we're celebrating the classic story, The Wizard of Oz, with a remarkable collection featuring figures, pictures, and other great memorabilia.