Our STEAM Craft for this Coming Monday: Ice Cream!

Nothing is more perfect for a hot summer day than some tasty ice cream! For next Monday's STEAM craft (8/8) we'll be making our own ice cream! It's tasty science starting at 4:30pm in the meeting room.

This Saturday: End of SRP Pizza Party!

Summer is wrapping up, and we're rounding third in our Summer Reading Program! This Saturday (8/6), starting at 3pm in the meeting room, join us in celebrating all the fun and reading with some tasty pizza!

Flickr CC: Pizza Photo by: Benjamin Jopen

Next Wednesday, Back Pack Buttons!

It's August, and even though summer is still going strong, the school year is in sight! Try to see the bright side and join us for Wednesday's (8/3) craft: Backpack Buttons! Make your own custom button starting at 3pm in the meeting room.

Flickr CC: Crazy for buttons Photo by: Merle Tsuki

Tomorrow's Craft - Homemade Bird Feeders!

For tomorrow's craft we'll be making a treat for our feathery friends (and probably some furry ones too), as we craft homemade bird feeders with only cardboard, peatnut butter, seed, and ribbon! Join us at 3pm in the meeting room!

Flickr CC: bird feeder roll...link below Photo by: Delta

Next Monday's STEAM Craft: Galaxy Bottle Necklaces!

In our next exciting STEAM craft, we'll be making out of this world galaxy bottle necklaces! Come join us in the meeting room Monday, 7/25 at 4:30pm and get creative with science!